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Working with others can make a real difference

Reducing e-waste is a global challenge, but action at a local level is what it takes to achieve a meaningful impact. Since the launch of the Rethink Initiative in January 2005, we’ve received many inquiries about how to organize local collection drives and recycling events. In response to this need, we’ve brought together a number of resources and programs that can help you find other individuals and organizations looking to make a difference in your area.

If you’re a Trading Assistant looking to organize a collection event for computers and electronics to sell on eBay, we’ve put together a toolkit with customizable flyers, mailers and press materials to help you spread the word in your community. Just download the toolkit for all the information and tools you need.
Rethink Initiative Discussion Board

Rethink Initiative Discussion Board and eBay Groups
The Rethink Initiative Discussion Board and eBay Groups can be useful tools for finding and organizing others who share your concern for the environment. With eBay Groups you can setup and maintain your own discussion board, calendaring, announcements and alerts, surveys and other advanced group communications features. Additional information on how to use eBay Groups is provided here. Or, if you are already familiar with eBay Groups, you can look for Rethink Initiative Groups in your area now.


Motorola Race to Recycle Program

Motorola's cell phone recycling programs are free and benefit schools Nationwide. Print your postage pre-paid shipping label online. Labels can be used to send in one or many phones (up to 70 lbs) for recycling. All brands are accepted, and a portion of proceeds are returned to schools participating in Motorola's Race to Recycle School fundraising program. This program enables any accredited K-12 school in the U.S. to earn cash by collecting retired cell phones in their community. Schools can earn $3.00 per intact phone, up to $21,000 per calendar year.



"Race to Recycle is a win-win-win program. Schools raise needed funds. Fewer mobiles enter the waste stream. For Motorola, the benefit to schools and the environment makes good business sense."

Chip Yager - Director of Business Development

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