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 Rethink Trading Assistant Toolkit  

As an eBay Trading Assistant, you can help the Rethink Initiative fight e-waste by helping the citizens of your town resell their electronics on eBay.

We’ve developed this toolkit – which includes flyers, postcards, media contact letters and the Rethink Initiative’s logo – to help you promote your services, as well as any collection events you might host. You can download these materials from the links below.

With this easy-to-use toolkit, you can:

  • Post flyers in high-traffic areas.
  • Mail postcards to local residents and businesses.
  • Gain publicity by contacting publications, radio and television stations.
  • Organize a collection event.

Be sure to download and read the toolkit instructions for tips on printing and distributing flyers and postcards, and how to reach out to the local media.

Media contact letters and the Rethink Initiative’s logo

We have provided two letters to use when contacting the media. One includes a section about an event you might be hosting; the other simply describes your services as well as your role in the Rethink Initiative. Customize these Microsoft® Word templates with your information then print them at home or at a print shop.

We have also included a version of the Rethink Initiative’s logo that you can send to a local publication or television station upon request. Please reference the logo’s instruction sheet for the exact specifications.

Flyers and postcards – PDF files

We have included two styles of flyers and postcards in the toolkit. For each version, we have provided a PDF.

PDF files – Download the PDF version if you will be printing from your home computer. Using free Adobe® Reader® software, you will be able to open and customize the information on the flyer or postcard. You will not be able to save your changes unless you have a full version of Adobe Acrobat® software. After you have updated the flyer or postcard, you can print right away.

Don’t have Adobe Reader? Download it for free.

Flyer 1

Color 155kb
B&W 147kb

Flyer 2

Color 155kb
B&W 144kb

Postcard 1

Color 266kb
B&W 245kb

Postcard 2

Color 257kb
B&W 233kb



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