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Turn your used equipment into cash

Find out how much your item is worth.
Computer value guide
Cell phone value guide

Concerned about your old data?
Computer data erasure and migration tools
Cell phone data erasure tools

You might think your used computers and electronics have reached the end of the road, but working or not, they could be just what someone else is looking for.

With eBay tools and solutions you can easily sell your own items, find a sales expert to do it for you or even receive fast cash from a trade-in. You can get an instant online quote and quickly remove data from your computer or cell phone. There’s even a tool that reads what components are on your computer and helps create an eBay listing for you.

Please visit the links below to learn how to sell these items on eBay.

Cell Phones Cell Phones
Digital Cameras Digital Cameras
Home Audio Home Audio Equipment


IT Asset
Recovery Center

Does your company have idle IT equipment?
Learn how to find providers of IT asset disposiion services

Do you have clients with excess used equipment?
Learn how selling them on eBay can build your sales and profits!