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The Rethink Initiative brings together industry, government, environmental and charitable groups to offer a fresh perspective and new answers to the challenge of e-waste.

Intel is a leading proponent of the Rethink Initiative in the PC industry. At Intel, environmental responsibility is built into the design of our products and processes. We work hard to reduce the emissions from our factories, minimize our use of natural resources and strive for an injury-free environment for our employees. Our strong commitment to environment health and safety is a central component of our corporate social responsibility program and integral to our business success. Our environmental stewardship extends beyond our operations into the use and disposal of the products we create. Promoting environmentally sound disposition alternatives for used electronics helps end-users make informed decisions which benefit the environment. Learn more.


Apple is committed to protecting the environment, health and safety of our employees, customers and global community. Product recycling is a key component of this commitment.

Best Buy helps thousands of consumers recycle several hundred thousand pounds of electronic waste each year through its stores and events.

CEA, the preeminent trade association promoting the consumer technology industry, supports a national system of electronics recycling and voluntary efforts such as Rethink that foster the creation of electronics recycling infrastructure.

Circuit City is committed to protecting the environment by offering customers a way to recycle old equipment and save on the cost of new gear at the same time.

Dell currently offers free recycling to consumers who purchase new desktop computers, notebook computers and printers, and offers low cost recycling to all other consumers. Recycling includes convenient home pick-up of old equipment.


Gateway is committed to providing consumers and businesses with environmentally safe options for the disposal of used PCs. For more info on Gateway's Recycling & Trade-in programs, visit


HP is committed to environmental sustainability. We build environmentally responsible IT products and offer recycling services around the world.

IBM is dedicated to protecting the environment and offers convenient and comprehensive asset recovery solutions for small, medium and large businesses around the world. PC products from all manufacturers are eligible for trade-in for cash back, recycling or disposal services.

Ingram Micro Outlet provides Ingram Micro solution providers with a way to save time and the environment when they trade in used, working technology products in exchange for Ingram Micro credit.


Motorola is delighted to be part of the Rethink Initiative. Free cell phone recycling programs are great fundraisers for K-12 schools and they reflect Motorola's commitment for maintaining a safe and healthy environment.


Nokia Nokia's Connect to Recycling program is an innovative take-back initiative focused on recycling and safe disposal of products. Keeping Nokia products out of landfills advances human technology, while respecting the environment.


Toshiba is determined to proactively contribute to the establishment of a recycling based society by reducing global waste as a corporation and helping our customers do the same.


United States Postal Service is recognized for its environmental policies, and has the nation's largest fleet of alternative fuel vehicles. With 290,000 letter carriers, USPS is ideal for getting your old PC to a new user.


UPS supports our alliance with eBay and its Rethink Initiative, which offers education on environmentally-friendly solutions to e-waste recycling and disposal.


Verizon Wireless’ HopeLinesm recycling program encourages consumers to donate wireless phones to support victims of domestic violence and the non-profit agencies that serve them.

Wireless... The New Recyclable

Wireless... The New Recyclable is a program the wireless industry has created to facilitate environmentally sound practices among carriers and manufacturers, as well as to educate consumers about how to recycle their wireless devices. Go to to learn how and where you can recycle your wireless phone.

Note: Many Rethink Initiative industry members offer recycling programs. Learn more by reading the descriptions and following the links above.
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The Environmental Protection Agency’s Plug-In To eCycling program gives Americans more opportunities to safely, conveniently and affordably recycle their old electronics.


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BAN works to stop toxic trade – such as the export of electronic wastes from rich to poorer countries while promoting environmental justice and a toxics-free world.


Earth 911 is the nation’s official environmental information network providing access to community recycling, donation and disposal options for electronics.


The International Association of Electronics Recyclers (IAER) is the first and only trade association representing and serving the needs of the electronics recycling industry.


SVTC and the Computer Take Back Campaign are working to stop the growing avalanche of e-waste by telling users where to take old PCs for safe recycling and how to promote poison-free computers.

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CollectiveGood Foundation

CollectiveGood Foundation encourages and supports activities that will bring better understanding of the interconnectedness of human health, education and environmental quality.

Ewaste Eddie

Computer Recycling For Education® is committed to protecting the environment with ewaste awareness education through our "Ecycle-it"® concept featuring Ewaste Eddie®.


Goodwill Industries Goodwill Industries agencies refurbish, recycle or resell computer donations to earn money for job training and career programs that benefit over 600,000 people each year.

March of Dimes

March of Dimes The March of Dimes is committed to improving the health of babies by preventing birth defects, premature birth and other threats to infant health.

National Cristina Foundation

National Cristina Foundation directs donations of used computers and related technology to charities, public agencies, and schools in all 50 States and Canada to train people with disabilities and those who are disadvantaged. They have recently initiated an effort to assist survivors of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita rebuild their lives.

CTIA Wireless Foundation

The Wireless Foundation initiates and overseas philanthropic programs that utilize wireless technology to help American communities. The Wireless Foundation's CALL TO PROTECT® program collects wireless phones to benefit victims of domestic violence.

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