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Your organization can make a difference

Membership in Rethink is open to industry, government, environmental and charitable organizations. Concerned individuals from the eBay Community and local and grassroots organizations can take advantage of solutions available from members, and can also make use of the Rethink Initiative Organize page to find and participate in local activities.

The Rethink Initiative is just beginning. Our current roster of member organizations, allied with the eBay community, is a good foundation to build on. We're looking forward to adding new member organizations and increasing the resources we make available to technology users. If your technology company, nongovernmental organization or government organization helps other individuals and businesses address the challenge of e-waste, please consider joining us. Member organizations with national programs will have their services listed on the Rethink site (subject to an evaluation process). Rethink Initiative membership is open to the following types of organizations:

  • OEMs or component manufacturers of computers, cell phones and other electronics products who offer or support trade-in or recycling programs for end-users or the channel.
  • Computer, cell phone and electronics retailers and distributors who offer trade-in or recycling programs to channel partners or end-users.
  • Industry associations offering programs promoting responsible recycling.
  • National and state government agencies that offer end-user recycling programs or educational resources.
  • County and municipal government agencies engaged in e-waste programs – please read below section entitled “Local & Grassroots Organizations.”
  • Nongovernmental environmental organizations (NGOs) that offer recycling education and/or recycler certification programs on a national basis. If your NGO is primarily engaged in local activities, please read “Local & Grassroots Organizations” below.
  • Not-for-profit organizations that collect or receive used computers, cell phones and electronics for charitable redistribution on a national basis. If your Donation Center is primarily engaged in local activities, please read “Local & Grassroots Organizations” below.

To apply for membership, please contact us via email and describe your organization’s role in addressing the e-waste challenge. We will contact you shortly.

If you want to join forces with other concerned individuals and organizations, click here to find out how.

eBay Community

If you are a member of the eBay community and are interested in making a difference, there are several ways to get involved. One of the most effective actions you can take is to join forces with other concerned individuals and organizations in your area. Click here to learn how to organize local efforts. The Rethink Initiative also needs your help in spreading the word to friends, family and colleagues. We also welcome your feedback. Please visit the Rethink Initiative Discussion Board.

Local & Grassroots Organizations

The Rethink Initiative recognizes the importance and effectiveness of local and grassroots organizations’ efforts to counter e-waste. We invite your participation both on the main Rethink Initiative Discussion Board, and through eBay Groups, a communications platform that enables you to create and communicate with regional and/or interest-based groups. With eBay Groups you can set-up and maintain your own discussion board, calendaring, announcements and alerts, surveys and other advanced group communications features. Additional information on how to use eBay Groups is provided below. Or, if you are already familiar with eBay Groups, you can look for Rethink Initiative Groups in your area now.

Other Organizations

If your organization owns computers, cell phones and electronics products and you are looking to sell, donate or recycle them, please refer to the appropriate sections of the Rethink Initiative website for more information.

If you are a VAR, channel reseller or remanufacturer and have access to technology products that could be recycled, donated or resold, you can find an asset recovery specialist who can handle asset disposition for you at eBay’s IT Asset Recovery Center. If you are directly engaged in asset recovery, you can list your services directly in the IT Asset Recovery Center so that other members of the channel, as well as corporate asset owners, can find you.

If you are a recycler, please consider contacting one or more of the environmental organizations listed on the recycle page of the Rethink Initiative site to see if you meet their requirements to be listed on their sites.

Starting and Using eBay Groups

How you use eBay Groups is up to you. The only requirement to start a group is to be an eBay member in good standing. For example, if you are an organization with a need to regularly manage communications with your members, consider starting a new group. To start a group, visit the Group Center and click on “Start Group” at the upper right of the page. You will be asked to select a “Group Category.” We suggest that you select the category “Regional ›› [your state].” This will allow members to find you more easily by typing in their ZIP codes. We also recommend including the word “Rethink” either in your name or in the “Group short description” area, which will also help eBay members to find you.

As another example, if your organization is a county waste management board organizing a one-time collection event, you may consider posting an announcement to the discussion board of an existing Rethink Initiative Group in your local area. One way to find groups in your area is to go to the Group Center and type “Rethink” and your ZIP code (for example, “Rethink 95125”) and hit enter. Please bear in mind that Rethink is just launching, so it may take some time for groups to spread to your area.

Finally, please don’t forget how important your feedback is to the Rethink Initiative – not only to the organizers, but to fellow members of the eBay community as well. We welcome your participation in the Rethink Initiative Discussion Board to converse with others interested in the Rethink Initiative, as well as letting us know what is, and what is not, working. Thanks in advance!



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