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eBay Sellers! We need your help in the fight against e-waste

Did you know that computers, cell phones and other consumer electronics contain hazardous chemicals such as cadmium, mercury and lead? Each time we throw computers and electronic products into the trash, they become e-waste and contaminate our air, soil and water. So it’s important that we all help in the global fight against e-waste.

In January, eBay organized the Rethink Initiative, a coalition of industry, governmental, environmental and non-profit organizations to empower our 157 million registered users to take action. Plus, we’ve developed programs and tools that make it easy.

Now, eBay is turning to its community to ask for its support in the fight against e-waste. In particular, we’re asking you, our sellers, to do whatever you can to help us get the word out about e-waste, and the resources available to you on the Rethink web site. If each of you can help us communicate this important message to your customers, together we can have a massive positive impact on this issue.

Not only will your support of Rethink help address a major environmental issue, but it can also help your business. By encouraging new users to sell, recycle or donate their old electronics, you’re helping to speed up the buying cycle for replacement products that you have to offer. You may also increase your customer loyalty, as many people will prefer to do business with sellers who support environmental initiatives such as the Rethink Initiative.

We know you’re busy, so we’ve tried to make it as easy as possible for you to help support Rethink. Here are seven ways you can help:

  1. Include a Rethink Flyer in Your Shipments: We have created a one-page Rethink flyer that contains information about e-waste and the Rethink Initiative. We’re asking you to download the flyer (PDF 145KB), make some photocopies and simply slip one into each of your outbound packages.
  2. Include the Rethink in Your Listings: Add the Rethink logo to your listings during to help spread the word. Download logo.
  3. Offer Trade-Ins in Your Listings: Sign up for DealTree’s EZ Trade-in program to offer customers trade-ins with no hassle - or cost - to you.
  4. Include Rethink Information in Your AboutMe Page: Use the logo or information from the Rethink flyer (PDF 145KB) to add information about Rethink to your AboutMe page on eBay.
  5. Email Your Customers: Use eBay’s Email Marketing Tool or your own email engine to educate your customers about e-waste and Rethink.
  6. Encourage Donation of Equipment to Help Others in Need: Visit the eBay’s Rethink Donation Page to learn how nonprofit organizations put your used computers and consumer electronics to use by passing them along to those in need.
  7. Join the Community Discussion: Once you’ve taken action to help support this initiative, share your story with other community members by posting on the Rethink Discussion Board.

We’d like to thank you in advance for your efforts on behalf of the Rethink Initiative. Through the involvement of sellers like you, we can begin to turn the tide of e-waste.

If you’d like to get involved with the Rethink Initiative’s efforts at a local level, click here to learn more.


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