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Resolving errors and technical issues
In this article
In this article

Have you run into an error message or technical problem on our site? Here are some common errors that can occur and steps you can take to resolve the problem.

Common error messages

If you see this message:

We recommend that you:

Your sign-in information is not valid. Please try again.

Unable to process request.

  • Wait a few minutes and then try again.

  • If you still receive the message, contact us.

Please enter your correct information in the highlighted fields below.

  • Review the page you're on to make sure that you entered all of the required information.

The feature you are attempting to access is not responding.

  • Wait a few minutes and then try again.

  • If you still can't access the feature, check our system announcements board to see if the feature is currently unavailable.

You must have JavaScript enabled to use this form.

Web browsers use something called JavaScript to make web pages interactive.

  • Check your web browser's settings or preferences to make sure the JavaScript setting is enabled.

We reserve a two-hour period every week for site maintenance from 11:00 pm Thursday night to 1:00 am Friday morning (Pacific Time). Certain site features may be unavailable or slow during this time.

Other technical problems


What to try:

Pages look strange, or the features aren't working properly.

Switch to a recommended web browser.


You receive a message saying your browser is rejecting cookies, or you experience sign-in loops without any error messages.

Enable cookies in your browser. 


You get an error message while trying to send a Second Chance Offer.

When you send a Second Chance Offer, don't put contain quotation marks (") or apostrophes (') in your message. These marks can cause errors.

Reporting a problem

If you run into a technical problem that's not listed on this page:

  1. Check our system announcements board to see if there are any known issues or bugs that we're currently working on.

  2. If your issue isn't on the list, report the problem to us.

Tip: If you have a general question about using eBay, visit to our Customer Service area to find answers to common questions.

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