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everything you need

Everything you need to grow your business

Seller Hub offers everything you need to build and grow your business on eBay. Enjoy centralized access to:

  • Your listings and orders
  • Orders Reports
  • Promoted Listings
  • Promotions Manager
  • Global Shipping Program
  • Stores management feature
  • Competitive listing guidance

Why use Seller Hub?

Get started

Manage and grow your business in one convenient location

Seller hub helps you

  • Track sales over specified periods.
  • Manage upcoming tasks.
  • View service metrics and peer benchmarks.
Making your work easier

Run your business faster with seller hub

Seller Hub helps you

  • Create listings faster with a streamlined listing tool.
  • Edit active listings and manage orders with robust search and sort capabilities.
  • Relist similar and other items that you previously promoted.
  • Download Orders Reports directly to your computer.
  • Manage shipping, cancellations, and returns easily in one place.
Grow your business

  • Get detailed traffic reports.
  • Identify under-performing listings.
  • Improve your listings using actionable insights.
  • Send offers to interested buyers.
  • Edit Best Offers in bulk.
  • Edit your active listings.
  • Create Volume Pricing promotions.
  • Increase your listings visibility with Promoted Listings.

All the tools you need to succeed

Seller Hub incorporates the functionality of all our previous listing tools—including Selling Manager, Selling Manager Pro, and the bulk edit and relist tool—to help you manage your business more efficiently.*

Stay on top of your business

Seller Hub gives you a concise summary of any actions you need to take so you can fulfill orders promptly and respond quickly to buyer questions and requests. Also, take advantage of detailed reports in your dashboard and quickly and easily download Orders Reports directly to your computer.

Competitive listing guidance
Beat competitors with better insights

Beat competitors with better insights

The new Growth tab in Seller Hub shows you the selling secrets that give you an advantage. We'll teach you how to use features like

  • Listing improvements
  • Sourcing guidance
  • Restock advice

Simplified listing management
Manage your listings and orders more efficiently

Manage listings more efficiently

Listing items is faster and easier than ever. With Seller Hub's improved functionality you can

  • List easier with a streamlined listing form.
  • Add photos directly in the form as you edit your listing.
  • List variations in a multi-quantity listing.
  • Edit live listings one-by-one or in bulk.
Optimize your selling strategy
Maximize your sales strategy using detailed sales metrics

Hone your strategy with detailed sales metrics

The new Performance tab in Seller Hub gives you detailed sales performance and sales history, including

  • Selling costs and fees breakdown.
  • Daily sales trends.
  • Best performing listings.
  • Monthly sales.
  • Sales by country.
  • Page views and buyer traffic.
Exclusive marketing tools
Easy access to marketing tools for eBay Stores subscribers

eBay Store subscribers have easy access to marketing tools

All the tools you get with your eBay Store subscription are accessible right in Seller Hub. Manage your Store's marketing activities in the Seller Hub's Marketing tab, making it easy to

  • Manage your brand by telling buyers who you are and why to buy from you.
  • Launch Promoted Listings to boost your items' visibility and reach more buyers.
  • Create promotions to get your items noticed and sell more items per visit.
  • Send offers to buyers who are interested in your items.
  • I'm using Seller Hub for the first time. Will it change the way I sell?

    You'll still get all the tools and benefits you have access to now. Seller Hub gives you even more powerful functionality—and a single destination to manage and improve your entire business on eBay. From Seller Hub you can

    • Monitor the overall status of your business.
    • Manage your listings and orders.
    • Monitor current performance of your business.
    • Access insights and guidance that can help you grow your business.
  • What tools are available in Seller Hub?

    Seller Hub offers a full range of tools to help you manage and grow your business.

    • Reports and dashboards for Sales, Selling Costs, Traffic, and Seller Standards.
    • The ability to create and edit active listings.
    • Promotions Manager—Free to eBay Store subscribers
    • Promoted Listings—Available to eBay Store subscribers and non-Store subscribers in good standing
    • Best Offer—Edit Best Offer in bulk, and Best Offer filter.
    • "Offer to buyers"—Bulk "Offer to buyers," and "Offer to buyers" filter.
    • Volume Pricing.
  • Can I opt out of Seller Hub?

    Seller Hub is the way for all business sellers to manage their selling on eBay. Sellers are no longer be able to opt out.

  • Why have you removed the ability to opt out of Seller Hub?

    Sellers could opt out when of the beta version of Seller Hub in the fall of 2015. We announced then that Seller Hub would eventually become the way to access and manage selling.

    eBay has made significant investments to develop Seller Hub's features and capabilities, and we will continue to work to ensure you have the most powerful selling platform to grow your business.

  • Is eBay Seller Hub free to use?

    eBay Seller Hub is free to use and includes, listing, reporting and order management functionality. Existing Selling Manager Pro subscribers will continue to be charged $15.99 per month for the benefits of Pro and will have access to Seller Hub. Selling Manager Pro remains free for Premium and eBay Anchor Store sellers.

  • How can I access my account information from Seller Hub?

    You can access your account information from Seller Hub by hovering over your name in the top left-hand corner, above the eBay logo, and selecting 'Account Settings' from the drop-down menu.

  • I opted out of Seller Hub after giving it a try. What has changed or has been added to make it better now?

    Here is the list of new Seller Hub features we have added to help you manage your business.


    • Mobile-friendly checker. Over 60% of transactions on eBay are touched by mobile. We've built a one-click mobile optimization tool to ensure all mobile buyers are seeing the best version of your listing possible. Look for it just above the listing description in the Seller Hub listing flow—it's truly one click.
    • Item specifics one-click recommendations. We take data from your listing and offer real-time item specifics recommendations with a simple "add" button. It's fast, it's simple, and it will put your listing in front of more buyers.
    • Customizable for the way you work. Don't need all those fields during the listing flow? "Customize" allows you to hide all the fields you don't want. Don't worry—you can always bring them back.
    • Summary module. Quickly access your listings tasks, and get at a glance view of your active listing summary.


    • "Ship by" date. eBay and your customers judge you on meeting your promised shipping dates. The new "Manage Orders" page now makes it easier than ever to meet your promise. Each 'Awaiting shipment' order now provides the 'Ship by' date, so you know exactly when you must upload tracking and get the package to the carrier. The new page (as well as the Tasks module on Overview) also provides filters enabling you to see any orders that are overdue for shipment or must be shipped within 24 hours.
    • Buyer's name. It's now easier to see who placed an order! The new "Manage Orders" page now shows you the buyer's name as well as the buyer's username directly on the main page.
    • Buyer's checkout notes. We've heard you loud and clear! You don't want to miss the notes buyers leave you when they check out. Seller Hub now brings these notes front and center directly on the new "Manage Orders" page. No more clicking into the sales record to read these buyer notes.
    • Feedback. The new "Manage Orders" page now shows you – at a glance – whether a buyer has left you positive, neutral, or negative feedback.


    • Restocking Guidance. Restock Guidance highlights all multi-quantity listings that will run out of inventory in the next 4 weeks. Seller Hub tells you how much inventory you should add to make the best of the current demand.
    • Pricing Guidance. Seller Hub highlights your underperforming listings. A score indicates how "far away" your listing is compared to the best selling listings. To help improve your chance of sales, we provide a recommended price based on eBay data as well as external websites to help you be competitive in the online marketplace. A detailed competitor overview at eBay also allows you to check if there are other areas to improve your listing, like picture quality, title, return policies, etc.
    • Sourcing Guidance. Start selling with confidence! Sourcing Guidance allows you to browse the eBay categories and learn about the best opportunities of what will sell in the next few months. It gives you insights about where demand outgrows supply and helps you grow your business with confidence!

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*Selling Manager Pro functionality is only available within Seller Hub to eBay Premium or Anchor Stores subscribers and sellers with an active Selling Manager Pro subscription.