shipping made easy

The Global Shipping Program takes care of it for you

  • Eligible items are identified automatically
  • No need to enroll
  • International shoppers can buy with confidence

We’re making it easier
to sell—worldwide

International sale, US shipping

Buyers in 10 countries will automatically be shown a priority international shipping option with end-to-end tracking on eligible listings that don't already specify international shipping. You simply ship to a US shipping center where international shipping and customs clearance are handled for you.

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Sell to millions more potential customers

International shipping with end-to-end international tracking makes it easier for more buyers to choose your item

  • Priority shipping with end-to-end tracking

    Knowing they can track their purchase—and that they are paying all shipping and import charges at checkout with no added fees due on delivery—helps international buyers shop with confidence.

  • Just ship to the US shipping center

    It’s an international sale but you simply ship to the US shipping center. All aspects of international shipping are handled for you.

  • Eligible items are identified automatically, free of charge

    Items are identified, and the priority international shipping option added automatically, for buyers in locations where your item can be sold. You don’t need to make any changes to your listings, and there’s no additional charge to you when you list.

  • Who will benefit from this update?

    This update will benefit sellers who don't currently specify international shipping. It automatically expands their sales to millions of buyers in 10 countries—buyers accustomed to shopping in English—with all aspects of international shipping handled for them. Note this update will not impact listings from sellers who are already enrolled in the Global Shipping program and have the option of selling through the program to buyers in 60 countries. Nor will it impact the listings of sellers who have opted out of the Global Shipping Program.

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Protection from loss or damage during international transit

You’re protected from negative or neutral feedback, plus ratings lower than 5 stars due to loss or damage during international transit. Plus you’re not responsible for loss or damage by third-party carriers once your item is in international transit. See terms and conditions for details.

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