Making it easier
after the sale

This fall, buyers and sellers will find it more efficient than ever to access and manage activities like tracking, returns, and more

  • A simpler, more intuitive experience
  • A streamlined returns process
  • New built-in safeguards for sellers

Get ready for a faster, simpler
way to manage buyer requests

The new after-sale experience will help you save time—and deliver great service

Today’s online buyers expect fast and easy follow-up on their purchases. And sellers need a more efficient way to manage buyer requests. That’s why we’re introducing a new after-sale experience in mid-September.

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Easier for buyers
and easier for you

Take a closer look at all the important updates to the new experience, coming this fall:

  • A simpler, more intuitive experience—after the sale

    Buyers will be able to track a package, return an item, or ask you a question right from My eBay. And you’ll have easy access to all buyer requests—and be able to respond promptly—from your returns dashboard in My eBay and the Resolution Center.

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  • A streamlined returns process

    Key to the new experience is an improved returns process that brings most of the benefits of hassle-free returns to all returns on eBay. Buyers will have a more convenient way to return items right from My eBay. Starting early next year, the remaining features of hassle-free returns will be added for more US sellers until all eligible domestic returns are handled this way by the 2015 holiday season.

  • New safeguards help you maintain a great service record

    The new experience features built-in safeguards for sellers. For example, eBay will now automatically remove defects that occur as a result of certain situations outside your control. And you can ask eBay to step in and help on any request, including returns.

    Learn more about the new safeguards

  • And soon, all available through mobile devices

    Starting in mid-October, this new after-sale experience will be available to both buyers and sellers on most mobile devices—so you can respond to buyer requests and deliver prompt service quickly, no matter where you are.

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For frequently asked questions and in-depth explanations of these updates, please visit our after-sale experience page.

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