Manage sales and list with one solution

Updates to Selling Manager and Selling Manager Pro now give you a single destination for all listing and sales activity

  • List quickly and easily—the way that you want
  • Revise, relist, and track post-sales activities
  • Boost visibility—and sales potential—with eBay data

Manage your operations, efficiently and your way

Save time and boost sales potential—it’s easy, thanks to recent updates

Whether you choose Selling Manager—which is FREE to subscribe to—or Selling Manager Pro, you can now manage all aspects of your business, your way. And no matter which tool you choose, you can boost sales with listing recommendations, based on actual eBay data.

What’s new? Check out these enhancements

These updates put even more selling power in your hands:

  • Create listings—from drafts or from scratch

    Now, draft thousands of listings that you can complete—by adding pictures, a price, and more—at your own pace. Also, create new listings in bulk. These features are available to some sellers now, and will be available to all sellers later in 2014.

  • Copy your existing listings

    Easily create multiple similar listings by copying an existing one of yours, then adjusting the necessary information. Perfect for sellers who list similar items in a category with the same shipping, return and payment policies.

  • Edit multiple listings at once

    Use the quick edit mode to update the same fields easily and efficiently across multiple listings—title, item description, and item specifics—to name a few. When creating new listings based on copies, this is an efficient way to change the information that differs between items.

  • Boost visibility—and sales—with tips based on eBay data

    Drive sales by taking advantage of eBay’s inside information. Now, within the bulk listing and editing tools, you’ll receive even more listing recommendations —pricing suggestions, listing title tips, and more—based on actual eBay marketplace data.

Ready to get started?

Whether you are new to these tools or already a seasoned user, learn how to take advantage of these updates today via our all-in-one selling solutions page.

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