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Codeless Coupon

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  • How can I create a codeless coupon offer?

    Codeless coupon offers give you the ability to offer exclusive coupons to buyers of your choosing. Once the promotion is created, a link is generated for you to share with your customers. The coupon is hidden from general search, and only buyers who have access to the link will be able to take advantage of the promotion. The coupons are a great option for customer service issues, as well as Facebook, Twitter type promotions.

  • Can I limit the quantity purchased by buyers?

    No, not at this time. Buyers will be able to add multiple items, and or quantity with this offer if they wish. If you want to limit the amount of purchases made, it’s better to shorten the time period of the offer.

  • Is there a way to target certain user ID’s? I’m worried my link will go viral.

    No, not at this time. We cannot guarantee that your coupon will stay private. If a buyer shares the link, it’s possible for the link to go viral. If this is of concern, be sure to shorten the time period for the offer.

  • I created my offer, but how do I know that I created it correctly?

    The easiest way to make sure the promotion is set up the way you envisioned, you can preview the offer. To preview the offer click on the “more” tab under the promotion. You can preview the link for any scheduled promotions, or to review any possible issues. If the promotion is live, you can also view the targeted URL link. This link will allow you look at the offer as a buyer would.

  • I created a coupon but my buyers cannot see it. What’s wrong?

    The codeless coupon option is only available to customers who have the link. This means buyers who have found your item via search will not see the discount. If your buyers are still not able to see the coupon via the link you sent, please review the items in the promotion.

  • Help! When I look at the listing without clicking on the link I can see the promotion. Does this mean that all my buyers can see the promotion?

    No, the promotion is saved through cookies. If you close the browser and then re-open it you will still see the promotion. If you want to check your listings try reviewing the item in a different browser. This means try it in Internet Explorer and try to view it in Google Chrome.

  • Will the promotion end when my quantity runs out? What happens when I add more quantity?

    The promotion will remain active on your promotion dashboard, however if the item does not have quantity we will not show the item in the promotion. Once the item has active quantity it will show in the promotion again.

  • Can I set up a promotion if I have a scheduled listing?

    Yes, the promotion will show on the listing once the item is “searchable” on the site. To check if your item is searchable on the site, put the title in the search bar. If your item does not come up in the search results it means the item is still indexing on the site. Indexing is usually quick, but in some categories can take up to 6 hours to show up in search.

  • I have the option to do minimum quantity or minimum order. What’s the difference?
    • If the goal is to mark down each item by a certain percentage or dollar amount it’s best to select minimum quantity, purchase 1. This will mark down each item. Example: Buy 1 save 20%
    • If the goal is to get the buyer to spend more than the average selling price, it’s better to select the minimum order. Example: Spend $100 and save $20.
    • If you want to encourage buyers to add more quantities of the item, it’s ideal to set minimum quantity. Example: Buy 2 items, and save 20%.

Shipping Discounts

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