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Sell with total confidence.

Professional Authentication ICON


Verified Returns ICON


No Cost to You ICON

No Cost
to You

Genuine peace of mind, from start to finish


Professional Authentication

A team of independent authenticators meticulously inspects your item before sending it to the buyer, so you’re protected.

Verified Returns

Verified Returns

If the buyer returns your item, the authenticators inspect it before sending it back to you.

No more costs

No Cost to You

eBay covers all costs of the authentication process.

From listed to sold

You listyour item

List your eligible item and a blue check mark will appear next to it.

You ship it

Once a buyer purchases your item, you ship it directly to a team of professional authenticators.

It's authenticated

After receiving the item, authenticators check it against the listing description, process a multi-point inspection, and then ship it with a unique authentication card or tag.

It's delivered

Your item is delivered safely to the buyer.

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