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Be connected when it counts!

Mobile Web Image designed to fit on your small screen and into your pocket! Stay up to date with all your bidding, buying and browsing while away from your computer with your mobile phone.
By going to you can:
  • Keep tabs on your stuff in 'My eBay'
  • Search for and view item details
  • Bid and Buy it Now
  • Pay for your purchases with PayPal*
To see eBay on your mobile enter into your mobile phone browser, or access eBay via your network operator's portal.
Data charges may apply.

Mobile Website Features

Search Image Search
Click on the search tab and enter what you want to search for into the search box. Hit 'submit' and your search results will be displayed. Its as easy as that! You have the choice of the conventional list, or a grid view. To see the information on any item simply click the listing title.
My eBay
Select the My eBay tab at the top of the page. You will be asked to sign in to your eBay account. You can view a summary of all the buying and selling activity you are currently involved with on eBay. You can then look at the individual details by clicking on the relevant links for each section.
My eBay Image
Bidding Image Bidding
Having found your item on eBay Mobile, bidding is just like on your desktop! Simply click the bid link and if you haven't already, you will be asked to sign in. You will then be asked to enter your minimum bid, and then confirm it. If you bid is too low, you will then have the opportunity to enter a new bid. If your bid is high enough, you will be informed you have the highest current winning bid.
You also have the ability to pay for the item you won using your mobile, by completing Checkout. Simply click the 'Pay with PayPal' button and log into your PayPal account as you would normally. PayPal mobile is just as secure. Click pay now and you are done. You will then be offered the opportunity to create a mobile only PIN, which means you can pay even faster in future!
paypal logo


What is the mobile web?
The mobile web is a commonly used term for accessing the internet via your mobile phone. It may also be referred to as WAP. Sites that you access via the mobile phone are often optimized for mobile, meaning that they don't offer the same functionality in the same way as their desktop counterparts.
So the eBay Mobile web site isn't the same as it is online?
No. eBay has been optimized to offer a better browsing and buying experience and offers a streamlined version of the 'conventional' eBay experience. You can bid, buy it now, search and pay with your mobile phone.
Does it cost to access eBay Mobile?
Using the eBay mobile website is free, but your network operator may charge you for the data you use to access the mobile web. Please contact your mobile operator (or click on their logo on the Mobile hub front page) for more information. Typically viewing 10 eBay mobile pages will require 0.25MB worth of data.
Is the eBay Mobile site as up to date as the website?
Yes. Without getting too technical both the web and the mobile site use the same infrastructure and mirror each other, so there is no delay.