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Shop collectible sneakers with
Authenticity Guarantee.

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No cost
to you

Authenticity Guarantee is not affiliated with or endorsed by any of the brands sold on eBay.

Genuine peace of mind, from start to finish

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Professional authentication

A team of independent authenticators meticulously inspects your sneakers, including new and pre‑owned condition Jordans, Yeezys, Nikes, and more.

Secure delivery icon

Secure delivery

Your sneakers are sent directly from the authenticator via 3-day shipping. Sneakers $750+ will have signature-required delivery.

No more money icon

No cost to you

eBay covers all costs of the authentication process for a limited time only.

without a doubt

nike shoe

without a doubt

Multi-point inspection
Independent authenticators verify the box, sizing labels, soles, stitching, logos, heel tabs, laces, and more.

Get what you ordered
The authenticators also verify your sneakers against the seller’s listing description, so you’ll get exactly what you ordered.

Authenticity Guarantee tag
Once a pair is verified as authentic, the left sneaker receives a unique NFC‑enabled tag that provides detailed information about the pair’s authenticity. The tag also makes it easy to re-list the sneaker in the future.

How it works


1 Look for sneakers with the Authenticity Guarantee badge and make your purchase.


2 Seller mails the sneakers you’ve purchased to independent experts.


3 Your sneakers go through a multi-point inspection before receiving an NFC‑enabled tag.


4 The authenticators send your sneakers to you via 3‑day shipping.

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What is Authenticity Guarantee?

eBay’s Authenticity Guarantee is a service designed to help buyers shop with confidence. Our third-party authenticators physically inspect all eligible items before they are shipped to buyers.

How does Authenticity Guarantee work?

It’s easy! Browse and shop eBay’s listings with the “Authenticity Guarantee” badge. When you buy an eligible item, the seller ships the item directly to a team of qualified, professional authenticators. The authenticators will thoroughly inspect and verify your item’s authenticity before it is shipped to you via three-day shipping paid for by eBay.

Will I be charged a fee for Authenticity Guarantee?

The Authenticity Guarantee service is free for a limited time. As part of the Authenticity Guarantee service promotion, eBay covers the cost of authentication, as well as three-day shipping from the authentication facility to the buyer.

What items are eligible for Authenticity Guarantee?

Currently, Authenticity Guarantee is available for Yeezy, Jordan, Nike, adidas, New Balance, Asics, Vans, Reebok, Converse, and Puma brand sneakers, listed in the men’s or women’s athletic shoe categories, in new condition sold for $100 USD or more or pre-owned condition sold for $150 or more. Auction items in the athletic shoes category in new condition that sell above $100 USD or pre-owned that sell above $150 USD are also included in the service. You can identify eligible items by looking for the blue Authenticity Guarantee check mark in the search results, as well as in the top right of the item page.

  • Items specified as customized will not be authenticated. “Customized” is defined as shoes that have been modified from their original state. Examples of this include shoes with personalized elements, custom artwork, or any modifications that did not come with the original sneaker.

  • We plan to add brands and models to our Authenticity Guarantee program over time. Check back for updates.

Only items purchased on are eligible for Authenticity Guarantee. Items that are listed on but located outside the U.S. for delivery to a buyer located within the US may be available for Authenticity Guarantee soon - check back for updates! However, items that ship to a buyer address located in Canada and Australia are eligible. Any other buyer address located outside of the U.S. are not eligible for the service at this time. Unincorporated territories (incl. Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands) and armed forces postal locations are not currently covered.

Miscategorized and/or customized items and “lot” listings will be forwarded on to you after a condition check but will not receive an authenticity check. Any item that does not receive our authenticity guarantee tag will not fall under our final sale policy.

Are pre-owned sneakers eligible for Authenticity Guarantee?

Pre-Owned Nike, adidas, Jordan, Yeezy, New Balance, Asics, Vans, Reebok, Converse, and Puma sneakers over $150 are now eligible for Authenticity Guarantee.

What does “new with box,” “new without box,” “new with defects,” and “pre-owned” mean?

“New with box” A brand-new, unused, and unworn item in the original packaging (such as the original box). All original accessories (laces, keychains, bags, etc.) are assumed to be included unless otherwise noted by the seller in the listing. The sneakers or box may have minor flaws due to aging, manufacturing flaws or defects that are uncontrollable by the seller.

“New without box” A brand-new, unused, and unworn item that is not in original packaging or may be missing original packaging materials (such as the original box). For example, new shoes (with absolutely no signs of wear) that are no longer in their original box fall into this category.

“New with defects” A brand-new, unused item. Possible imperfections range from color variations to scuffs, cuts or nicks, that occasionally occur during the manufacturing or delivery process. This also includes natural yellowing due to age. The item may be missing the original packaging materials or accessories (such as original box or laces). New factory seconds and/or new samples may fall into this category.

“Pre-Owned” An item that has been used, worn or showing signs of wear to the outsole, insole and/or lining of the shoe. The item may be missing the original packaging materials or accessories (such as original box or laces).

What happens at the authenticator?

Upon receiving the sneakers, eBay’s authentication partner first verifies that the contents are consistent with listing details. Then a multi-point, physical inspection is performed for authenticity. This process includes thorough physical inspection of the shoe’s structure, materials, tags, and logos. The packaging and accessories are also reviewed for authenticity. Please note even if your sneakers are listed as “New with Box” they or the box may have minor flaws due to aging, manufacturing flaws or defects that are uncontrollable by the seller. Finally, an eBay Authenticity Guarantee NFC-enabled tag is attached to the shoes and programmed with the unique details of each product.

What is the eBay Authenticity Guarantee tag?

An eBay Authenticity Guarantee tag will be attached to each pair of sneakers once they have been verified by our authentication partner. The Authenticity Guarantee tag is fastened to the sneaker and activated with our digital stamp of authenticity and customized with the sneakers’ details. By holding your NFC-enabled device (iPhone 7 and above and most Android phones 2015 and newer) near the tag, you will receive a prompt and be able to view the authenticity report of your sneakers.

Who is providing the authentication service?

eBay has partnered with Sneaker Con, one of the leading industry experts in sneaker authentication, whose services and capabilities have been thoroughly vetted to ensure the highest standard of service to eBay users.

How long will the authentication process take? How long until I get my item?

After you purchase your eligible item, it is sent to eBay’s authentication partner, who will inspect your item within two business days of receipt. Once authenticity is verified, the item will be shipped to you with three-day delivery, covered by eBay.

How do I track the status of my item?

Once your item has been inspected, you will receive an order update email with the next steps. Throughout the Authenticity Guarantee process you can check the View Order Details section for status updates.

Is signature confirmation required upon delivery?

Signature confirmation is required only for items that are valued at $750 or more.

Will I receive the original packaging with my purchase?

Yes, if the seller has included original packaging, all components will be sent to you.

What if the item does not pass authentication checks?

If the item’s authenticity cannot be verified or the item is not consistent with its listing, it will be returned to the seller and the buyer will be issued a full refund to their original payment method.

Why can’t I message the seller after I purchase my shoes?

Messaging capability is turned off at the point of purchase, at which time your shoes are routed to our authentication facility and all tracking information and notifications are available on the eBay platform.

What should I do if I want to change or cancel my order?

You can request to cancel your order through the “Purchase History” page within an hour of purchase if the seller has not yet shipped the item. Unfortunately address changes cannot be accommodated at this time so please double check to make sure you’ve entered the correct address. Learn more about cancelling your order here.

Where is my item shipping to and why isn’t it my address?

Your shoes will first ship to eBay’s sneaker authentication center. Once they are authenticated, your shoes will be forwarded on to the address entered in checkout. 

How can I track the progress of my purchase?

Tracking information will be uploaded on the “Purchase History” page where you’ll be able to track the shipment of your order and see exactly where it is in the authentication process.

Can I return items purchased with Authenticity Guarantee?

Buyers can return an item if the seller accepts returns, as stated in the listing, and the return takes place within the seller’s return window. If the seller does not accept returns or the return is submitted outside the return window, this will be considered final sale and cannot be returned.

What is Final Sale?

eBay’s Authenticity Guarantee program thoroughly checks the item to confirm that what you receive is exactly what you ordered. If a seller does not accept returns or the return is submitted outside the return window, the item is considered final sale and cannot be returned.

Are authenticated items protected by the eBay Money Back Guarantee?

For authenticated items, eBay Money Back Guarantee only covers items returned within the seller’s return window and items that satisfy the eMBG eligibility requirements and are not received or that arrive damaged. Learn more about eBay Money Back Guarantee policy.

How does the return process work?

If returns are offered on the listing of the item you purchased, the item will first be sent to eBay’s authentication partner. Within two business days of receiving the item, the authenticator will verify the authenticity and condition of the returned item to confirm that it matches the item originally sent to you. In addition, the eBay Authenticity Guarantee tag must be attached to the item and untampered to be eligible for a return. Once verified by the authentication partner, it will be shipped to the seller and a refund will be processed. The seller’s return policy determines whether you or the seller pays for shipping costs back to the authenticator.

Why was the item sent back to me by the authenticator after I opened a return?

If the authenticator determines the returned item is not the same item, is not in the same condition, or the eBay Authenticity Guarantee tag has been tampered with or removed, it will be sent back to the Buyer.

Can I choose to not have my item authenticated?


What happens if the seller ships straight to me and skips authentication?

If the seller ships directly to you, your sneakers’ authenticity will not be checked and the condition cannot be verified. Any item that does not receive our authenticity guarantee tag will not fall under our final sale policy.

The Authenticity Guarantee service for Sneakers (“Authenticity Guarantee” or “Authenticity Guarantee for Sneakers”) makes third-party inspection and authentication services (the “Services”) mandatory for certain items sold on These Authenticity Guarantee Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) apply to the Authenticity Guarantee service for Sneakers and Eligible Items detailed below and sold or purchased on, and set out the terms on which eBay offers you access to and use of the Authenticity Guarantee service for Sneakers.

  1. Applicability of eBay User Agreement.

    The User Agreement, eBay’s User Privacy Notice, and all policies posted on our sites (collectively, and as the same may be amended from time to time, “eBay’s Policies”) apply in addition to these Terms. In the event of a conflict or inconsistency between these Terms and eBay’s Policies, these Terms will control as to all matters that they explicitly address. For all matters not explicitly addressed by these Terms, eBay’s Policies will control.

  2. Applicability of eBay’s Money Back Guarantee (“eMBG”).

    For authenticated items, eBay Money Back Guarantee only covers items returned within the seller’s return window and items that satisfy the eMBG eligibility requirements and are not received or that arrive damaged. Learn more about eBay Money Back Guarantee.

  3. Description of the Authenticity Guarantee Service.

    After the purchase of an Eligible Item (description in Section 6(a) below) on, the item is shipped to a vetted third-party authentication partner to carefully inspect the item for authenticity and accuracy against the item listing. Upon confirmation of the item by the third-party authentication partner, it is properly packaged and securely shipped to the buyer. If the item’s authenticity cannot be verified or the item is significantly not as described, the item is returned to the seller and a refund is issued.

  4. Description of the Services.

    The Services are provided by a third-party authentication partner (“Authentication Partner”) for Eligible Items purchased within the United States and delivered to the United States, Canada or Australia. The Authentication Partner will inspect the item within two (2) business days of receipt at their facilities. This check will include inspection of the shoe for authenticity and accuracy against the item listing. Accessories such as laces will not be authenticated if they are noted in the listing as replacements. In such cases, the condition of accessories will instead be verified against the listing.

    Items may also be photographed for use by eBay or its licensees as part of eBay’s image catalog or for any other purpose, at eBay’s exclusive discretion.

    By listing for sale or purchasing an Eligible Item, you acknowledge and agree that the Eligible Item will be sent to the Authentication Partner to perform the Services. More information about the Authentication Partner and Services may be found here.

  5. Authenticity Guarantee Service Fees.

    The Services are provided at no cost to sellers and buyers for Eligible Items that are bought or sold on; however, eBay reserves the right to institute, alter or amend fees or costs associated with the Services at any time, at eBay’s sole discretion.

  6. Eligibility
    1. Item Eligibility.

      Only select listings on are eligible for the Service. eBay reserves the right at any time, in its sole discretion, with or without notice to you, to alter or amend the eligibility requirements for Eligible Items, including, but not limited to category, and/or value of items and/or transactions.

      Only items from select sellers are eligible at the current time, though Authenticity Guarantee will be rapidly expanding to all sellers in sneakers. Check listings for the “Authenticity Guarantee” blue check mark badge to see if Eligible Items from a particular seller are included at this time.

      Eligible Items in the Athletic Shoes categories must satisfy the following conditions:

      • Brands: Yeezy, Jordan, Nike, adidas, New Balance, Asics, Vans, Reebok, Converse, and Puma
      • Price: new condition shoes $100 + and pre-owned $150 +, exclusive of tax and shipping
      • Condition: New
      • Category: Men’s Athletic Shoes, Women’s Athletic Shoes

      The following items are not eligible for Authenticity Guarantee:

      • Items not bearing the Authenticity Guarantee badge
      • Sneakers listed in categories not named above
      • Miscategorized items, e.g. other types of shoes listed in eligible categories.
      • Modified sneakers
      • Signed sneakers
      • Items purchased using an offline payment method
      • Listings that offer local pickup
      • Items shipped to P.O. Boxes
      • Items shipped to or from unincorporated territories (incl. Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands)

      Ineligible items will not be authenticated.

    2. Country Eligibility.

      The Authenticity Guarantee service is not available for buyers in all countries. eBay reserves the right to expand or limit the countries eligible for Authenticity Guarantee or the Services at any time, in its sole discretion, with or without notice. The countries currently eligible may be found here. If your item sells abroad, you will be bound by the User Agreement and policies, including any buyer protection policies, of the site on which the item is sold and, potentially, the consumer and other laws of the country of the relevant site. You will also be responsible for eBay’s standard international fees that apply to these sales. If you do not want your item to be sold to buyers internationally, you can exclude countries or regions you don’t want to post to by updating your shipping settings.

  7. Party Roles
    1. Your Role as Seller.

      By listing an Eligible Item for sale on the eBay platform, you authorize its inspection by the Authentication Partner subsequent to its purchase.

      Upon purchase, you are required to ship the Eligible Item, with appropriate insurance coverage, to a facility located within the United States, as directed by eBay. Items must be sent to the facility individually unless part of a multi-item order. The cost of shipping to the Authentication Partner is not covered by eBay. You acknowledge and agree that if the Authentication Partner cannot verify an item’s authenticity, a refund will be issued to the buyer and you shall cooperate with removing the item from marketplace circulation.

    2. Your Role as Buyer.

      By purchasing an Eligible Item on the eBay platform, you acknowledge and agree to inspection and photographing of the Eligible Item by the Authentication Partner prior to your receipt of the Eligible Item. In addition, if a return is requested, you acknowledge and agree to ship the Eligible Item with appropriate insurance coverage to the Authentication Partner and to inspect of the Eligible Item before the return is processed or a refund is issued. More information on returns under the Authenticity Guarantee can be found here.

    3. Circumvention of Buyer and Seller Requirements.

      If buyer or seller circumvent or do not comply with Sections 7.a or 7.b of these Terms, or if buyer or seller violate or are found to be non-compliant with the Terms, eBay reserves the right to take immediate action such as, but not limited to, account restriction or suspension and/or the transfer of fees and costs associated with Authenticity Guarantee.

    4. Impact of Fraud Detection on Buyers and Sellers.

      You acknowledge and agree that if the third party authenticator detects fraud or suspects that an item is counterfeit, the item will be removed from marketplace circulation - neither buyer or seller will receive the item; in addition, eBay will work with the proper authorities as needed.

  8. Data Privacy.

    eBay’s collection of personal information in connection with the Authenticity Guarantee service is governed by the User Privacy Notice that applies to your use of the website or, as applicable, another eBay international site. In order for the Authentication Partner to provide the Services under Authenticity Guarantee, the order information, including, but not limited to: your name, address, email address, telephone number, is provided to the Authentication Partner. By selling or purchasing an Eligible Item, you direct eBay to provide this order information to the Authentication Partner, who may disclose this information, however collected, to its affiliates, service providers, and other third parties (such as shipping carriers and revenue authorities) as necessary to perform the Services.

  9. Lost, Damaged, or Items Not Delivered.

    Items that are lost or damaged during the Authenticity Guarantee process are protected by eBay’s Money Back Guarantee, subject to the eMBG guidelines.

  10. Service Updates and Discontinuation.

    eBay has the right, but not the obligation, to alter, amend, replace, suspend temporarily, and/or discontinue permanently, the Authenticity Guarantee service, the name of Authenticity Guarantee, any of the Services provided, features, and/or functionality offered under Authenticity Guarantee, and/or the service providers used to provide any or all of the Services under Authenticity Guarantee, at any time, in its sole discretion, with or without notice to you.

  11. Amendment.

    eBay may amend these Terms, including applicable fees, at any time by posting the amended terms on the eBay site. Except as stated elsewhere, all amended terms shall take effect immediately and automatically when posted on the eBay site.