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eBay labels FAQs

  • Can I print labels for USPS, UPS, and FedEx using eBay labels?

    You can print both USPS and FedEx labels on eBay. Tracking information is automatically uploaded to My eBay.

    If you ship using UPS, you can use PayPal's Label printing solution. Tracking information is automatically uploaded to My eBay.

  • What shipping services are available with eBay labels?

    The following USPS options are available:

    • Domestic services to street or PO Box addresses: Priority Mail®, Express Mail®, First Class Package Service ®, Media Mail®, and Parcel Select®

    • International services: Priority Mail Express International® and Priority Mail International®, First-Class Package International Service (FCPIS) , and First Class Mail International®.

    The following FedEx services are available:

    • FedEx Ground®, FedEx Express®, FedEx SmartPost®, and FedEx® International shipments.

  • Where can I find more information about the USPS service changes effective May 31st, 2015?

    Information on the changes announced by USPS going into effect May 31st, 2015 can be found here. Review discounts on USPS services offered to eBay Labels users here, in order to see how to get lower shipping costs as a seller.

  • What is Electronic USPS Delivery Confirmation® International (E-USPS DELCON INTL)?

    Electronic USPS Delivery Confirmation® International (E-USPS DELCON INTL) is a Delivery Confirmation service included at no charge to select countries. This Delivery Confirmation service is available on all First-Class Package International Service (FCPIS) items and certain Priority Mail International® Flat Rate Envelopes and Small Flat Rate Priced Boxes. Visit our Help page to see a list of all the available countries.

    E-USPS DELCON INTL is available through eBay labels and E-USPS DELCON INTL information will be automatically uploaded to My eBay when you purchase qualifying services through eBay labels.

  • Can I purchase First Class Package International Service from eBay labels?

    Yes, First Class Package International Service is available via the eBay selling flows, the shipping calculator, and can be purchased via eBay Labels. This service is similar to First-Class Mail International® packages, but with the added benefit of including E-USPS DELCON INTL. To see the full list of 26 countries currently served by the Electronic USPS Delivery Conformation® International program, please visit our Help page.

    USPS Declaration form
  • How much insurance is included, at no additional cost, with USPS Priority Mail Express International® shipments?

    Items that ship with Priority Mail Express International® will include, for no additional fee, insurance of $200.

  • Does paying postage and printing shipping labels on eBay save me time?

    Yes. With eBay labels, you can:

    • Create postage-paid shipping labels in just minutes for your USPS or FedEx packages.

    • Pay for shipping and, for USPS shipments, optional insurance or loss/damage protection (terms, restrictions, and exclusions apply) with your PayPal account, with no monthly fees or surcharges.

    • Create and print a pre-filled packing slip, detailing what you are shipping to your buyer.

    • Ship internationally with USPS online customs forms.

    • Track and confirm the arrival of your FedEx and USPS shipments with Delivery Confirmation and shipment tracking.

  • Does paying postage and printing shipping labels on eBay save me money?

    Yes. When you print shipping labels on eBay, you save on shipping costs:

    • All eBay sellers who use eBay labels to pay for USPS postage and print shipping labels automatically get USPS® Commercial Base pricing along with the convenience of automated tracking and delivery notification. Sellers receive 5% lower prices on USPS Priority Mail International and 8% on USPS Priority Mail Express International®. USPS labels on PayPal and eBay also offer free Delivery Confirmation for Priority Mail® and Express Mail® packages, and lower-cost Delivery Confirmation for First Class®, Media Mail® and Parcel Post® packages. Special Savings for eBay Top-rated sellers and sellers with an average of 2,500 transactions per month. Qualified sellers receive Commercial Plus pricing automatically. This is a savings of up to 32% on USPS® postage when you use eBay labels.

    • When you print FedEx labels through eBay, you automatically get eBay's special volume discount rates for up to 37% savings on select services—no need to sign up.

    • If you ship with UPS and print your labels on PayPal, sign up for the UPS Special Pricing Program for eBay sellers—eligible sellers can save up to 32% off UPS Standard List Rates for Air shipments, up to 25% off International shipments, and up to 23% off UPS Ground shipments. Click here to see how much you can save.

  • Can I print labels in bulk on eBay?

    Yes, you can use eBay labels to print up to 50 labels at a time with USPS. At this time, you may print one label at a time for FedEx shipments.

  • How do I select which printer I'd like to use to print my shipping labels, individually and in bulk?

    To select the type of printer you'd like to use when printing an individual label, simply select it from the drop-down menu in the process of printing the label

    Printing Labels

    For printing labels in bulk, you can choose how your shipping labels will print by selecting your printing preferences beforehand. Just click "Label preferences" from your My eBay Selling page. From here, you can quickly choose the type of printer you'd like to use from the "Printing" drop-down menu.

    Printing in bulk preferences
  • My label didn't print properly. Can I print it over again without paying?

    Yes. If your label did not print correctly, you can reprint it at no charge. From the Finish printing your label page:

    1. Look under "What would you like to do next?" on the right hand side of the page.

    2. Click "Reprint label."

    3. The page will refresh and show your label ready to print again.

  • I printed a label but am not going to use it. Can I void the label and get a refund?

    Yes. You have up to 120 hours from the time you print a USPS label to void it and get a refund. The cost of the label is credited to your PayPal account within about 21 days. To void a label:

    1. Look under "What would you like to do next?" on the right hand side of the page.

    2. Click "Void label."

    3. Follow the instructions on the Void your shipping label page.

    For FedEx labels printed on eBay, you are only charged for the labels you use – no need to worry about misprinted or destroyed labels.

    With UPS labels printed on PayPal, you are only charged for the labels you use, but must void a label if you don't use it to avoid being charged.

  • With eBay labels can I arrange for carrier pickup?

    Pickup is free from the USPS for Priority Mail or Express Mail. If you do not schedule a pickup, save time by dropping your shipment off at the Post Office counter instead of waiting in line. Scheduled pickup is not currently a feature for FedEx labels on eBay.

    With UPS labels printed on PayPal, you are only charged for the labels you use, but must void a label if you don't use it to avoid being charged.

  • Is eBay label printing available outside the U.S.?

    No. eBay Labels on eBay are only available to U.S. sellers at this time.

  • Can I print shipping labels for buyers outside the U.S.?

    Yes. U.S. sellers can print USPS international shipping labels using eBay labels. Customs forms are pre-filled with key, up-to-date information. Plus, international labels are in PDF format so they are easier to print.

    You may also use the Global Shipping Program. The Global Shipping Program lets you sell to buyers in many countries around the world. When an item sells, just ship the item to the US shipping center. International shipping is handled for you, including preparing customs forms, paying applicable import charges and shipping to the buyer using a fast, reliable carrier.

  • I'd like to sell to buyers in Russia. Can I print and pay for postage to Russia using eBay labels?

    Yes, eBay labels make it easy to purchase and print postage for shipments to Russia. We recommend you use a tracked service such as USPS Priority Mail International®, which is now available on eBay Labels. You can also use eBay labels for USPS First Class Package International Service® to Russia.

  • Can I request free carrier pickup?

    • Free carrier pickup is available from USPS. After you have printed your label, simply request a pickup from USPS. USPS free carrier pickup can only be used if you are shipping at least one Priority Mail or Express Mail package domestic and international.

    • For FedEx® shipments you can take advantage of the FedEx Convenience Network which offers more than 50,000 convenient drop-off locations where you can drop off your shipments. FedEx labels on eBay does not currently support scheduled carrier pickups.

    • For UPS shipments, once you have printed your label, you can drop off your packages at any one of nearly 4,400 locations of The UPS Store. You may also hand your package to a UPS driver at no additional charge. Or, for an additional fee, arrange for a pickup through http://www.ups.com/ or 1.800.PICK.UPS. You and your buyer can then track the package right in My eBay, since UPS provides tracking from initial scan through delivery.

  • Has the appearance of eBay labels been updated to comply with the Intelligent Mail package Barcode?

    Yes, eBay labels have been updated to streamline the way information appears on the label in compliance with the Intelligent Mail package Barcode. The updated label looks slightly different from the previous version but have all the required information to be accepted by the USPS. Sellers may see either version of the label but should continue with business as usual. This change will improve USPS' ability to provide better scanning and tracking. Other popular internet postage providers have already implemented the change.

  • Why am I opted in for signature confirmation on items over $750 with USPS?

    For items $750 USD (or local currency equivalent) or more (based on the total amount of the sale, including the cost of the item, shipping, any other fees seller may charge, and any sales tax), proof of the recipient's signature to confirm delivery is required to qualify for eBay Seller Protection, where such signature confirmation service is available from the shipping company. We recommend you select a signature at delivery to protect you from Buyer Protection cases claiming the item wasn't received.

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