Before bidding or buying, take the time to learn more about the listing, the item, and the seller. The Item Page contains all of this information.

Important factors to consider include:

  • Starting Bid
  • Current Bid
  • Buy It Now price
  • How well the item is described
  • The condition of the item
  • Seller's shipping details, payment details & return policy
  • Seller's feedback rating
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    Learn about the Item
    A. Listing Information
    From this section, you can view the current bid, place a bid or buy the item immediately, see the time remaining in the listing, the # of bids, the current high bidder, shipping costs, and seller information such as User ID, feedback rating, and a link so you can email the seller a question.

    B. Item Description
    Includes the description of the item and in most cases pictures. Sometimes the seller will also include payment and shipping information, however this information can also be found in the Shipping, Payment Details and Return Policy section.

    C. Shipping, Payment Details and Return Policy
    Includes payment information and any additional payment and shipping instructions that the seller listed, such as insurance, shipping and handling charges, sales tax and return policy.

    D. Bidding & Buying section
    Here is where you place your bid or purchase the item using Buy It Now. This section will display the starting or current bid, minimum bid amount, and Buy It Now price, if available. If you choose to bid on the item, enter the maximum amount you are willing to spend. The eBay system will bid incrementally on your behalf, based on pre-set bid increments, but ONLY up to your maximum bid. If there is a Buy It Now price, and you are willing to pay it to be assured to get the item, simply click the Buy It Now button. This will take you directly to the payment screens.

    Learn about the seller:
    On eBay it's all about the relationship between the buyer and seller that makes the transaction run smoothly. On the listing page you will find important information about the seller. Especially important is a sellers Feedback rating. This rating represents the seller's reputation on eBay.

    And remember ... If you have any questions about the listing or the item, email the seller BEFORE placing a bid. A bid is binding once you place it - meaning you cannot decide later that you do not want the item if you are declared the winner.

    The Feedback score tells you how many successful transactions your seller has made on eBay. This score is posted for all the eBay community to see and is organized by a rating system of positive, neutral, or negative. A positive comment increases a person's feedback score by one point. A neutral comment has no effect on a person's feedback score, and a negative comment decreases a person's feedback score by one point. Click on the number to see what other people say about the seller. The star corresponds to the feedback number.

    When the 'changed ID' icon appears next to a User ID, it signifies that the member has changed his/her User ID within the last 30 days. The 'changed ID' icon will disappear after the member has maintained the same User ID for a 30-day period.
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