Want to try for a lower price? Place a bid. Want it fast? Use Buy It Now. Most eBay item listings are in an auction-style format and the item goes to the highest bidder. Some items offer you the choice to bid or Buy It Now. Other item listings may only offer the Buy It Now option. You pay that price and you're done - no bidding.

Remember, every bid counts. Bidding or using Buy it Now will enter you into a contract with your seller.

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Place a Bid
eBay does most of the work for you! When you place a bid, enter the maximum amount you are willing to pay for the item. eBay will bid incrementally on your behalf, based on pre-set bid increments, but ONLY up to your maximum bid. Try a Practice Bid

Buy it Now
If available, simply click on the Buy It Now Button at the bottom of the listing. If there is more than one item available, indicate your desired quantity and confirm your purchase. No bidding or waiting necessary. In some cases, a seller may require immediate payment with PayPal. In this case, it is important to complete your purchase right away, as the item will remain available for purchase until your payment transaction has been confirmed.

Entering a bid or choosing Buy It Now enters you into a contract with the seller. So make sure you want the item before you bid or buy.
My eBay page
Looking for a way to keep track of all your eBay activity? The My eBay page is a great way to keep track of items you're bidding, buying, watching, and have won in one convenient location.

Each eBay member has his or her own personal My eBay section. Just click on the My eBay link at the top of any eBay page. Enter your User ID and password to enter your private My eBay page.

My eBay is divided into several sections to help keep you organized. Simply click on any of the links along the left to go to the section you want.

A. Summary
From this page, buying and selling reminders help you stay on top of all your current bidding, buying and selling activities along with the most recent eBay announcements to keep you informed.

B. All Buying
This section displays all the items you are currently bidding on, have won, and are currently watching. Items in green mean that you are currently the highest bidder while items in red mean that someone else has outbid you. The Watching section is a great way to keep a close eye on items of interest so you don't miss out on any last minute bidding!

C. All Selling
My eBay can also be used to track all your selling activity on eBay. Items listed in green mean there is a winning bidder, while items listed in red mean there currently is no winning bidder. From this page you can send an invoice to your buyer, send a payment reminder, and leave feedback.

D. My Messages
This section is where you can send and receive eBay related communications. You'll find important alerts from eBay about your account, as well as useful messages from eBay about Buying and Selling activities. Send and receive messages regarding eBay items as well as receive communications from eBay members.

E. All Favorites
This is a great feature that lets you bookmark your favorite categories, sellers, and searches so you can access them quickly and easily. To save a search, click on the 'Add to Favorites' link on the search results page. You can even choose to have eBay email you whenever there are new items matching your search.

F. My Account
From this section, update your User ID/Password and shipping address, and leave feedback for all your items at once. Customize your eBay experience from the Preferences page, and leave feedback for sellers.

G. My Reviews & Guides
From this page, access the reviews and guides you've written (or are writing) for eBay, as well as edit, publish, hide or delete. Learn More

H. Dispute Console
From this page you can report, track and manage any transaction problems on eBay to ensure that they get resolved.

eBay Toolbar
eBay Toolbar keeps track of items you've bid on and those you're watching, even if you're not on eBay's site or even surfing the Internet. eBay Toolbar notifies you when items you're watching or bidding on in your My eBay page are about to end so that you don't miss out on any last-minute bidding, and it even lets you choose from a variety of alert times. And because eBay Toolbar is always at the top of your browser, it's easy to search and find items quickly.

To begin using the eBay Toolbar, you will first need to download it to your computer. From the top of any eBay page, click on the Site Map tab. Scroll down the page to the Buying Resources section. Click on the eBay Toolbar link, and then the Download Now link. It takes only a few minutes to install. Learn More

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