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What is managed payments?

In today’s retail environment, shoppers expect to be able to use their preferred payment methods when they check out. We’re creating a modern marketplace by providing buyers with a full spectrum of payment options based on the countries they reside in, devices they shop from, and items they purchase. As we expand to more markets we’ll continue to add relevant forms of payment for our buyers. In addition, managed payments simplifies the selling experience. Because we manage the entire payments process, you’ll have more time to focus on streamlining and expanding your business.

Benefits for sellers

Managed payments will simplify the buying and selling experience on eBay. You’ll be able to manage your payments information and operations all in one place, and offer your buyers more ways to pay when they purchase your items. Benefits include:

  • One place to sell and get paid. Manage all your selling and payment needs from within your eBay account.
  • Simpler invoicing of your eBay fees. All your fees in one place on your eBay invoice.
  • Automatic payouts. Direct deposits to your bank account. No need to transfer funds between accounts.
  • More ways for buyers to pay. Accepted forms of payment include credit, debit, and gift cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, and PayPal Credit. We recommend listings not include any references to methods of payments accepted in their item descriptions. This is to prevent inaccurate listings and buyer confusion.
  • Be protected. Claim and chargeback seller protections provided by eBay, with one place to manage disputes.

Payments processing fee comparison calculator

New payments processing fees


eBay payments processing rate


eBay per listing payments fee*

Current payments processing fees


Current payments processing rate


Current transaction fee


Average Selling Price

*The per listing payments fee will be charged for each listing contained in an order. If an order contains more than one listing sold, the per listing payments fee will be charged more than once. If a single listing contains multiple items, or multiple quantities of the same item, the per listing payments fee will be charged once.

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The rollout of managed payments to all eBay sellers will be a multi-year journey and is currently available on a limited, invitation-only basis. By 2021, we expect to transition a majority of our sellers to managed payments.

As we make this transition, eBay will work closely with sellers to ensure that the managed payments experience reflects your needs. We’ll continue to share more details about this process and next steps for sellers as we move forward.

Stay up to date on managed payments here on the Seller Center, connect with your Community, or contact us for questions and feedback at (800) 456-3229.

Managed Payments Overview FAQs

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  • What does managed payments mean for my seller fees?

    At this time, participation in managed payments is limited to those sellers whose business we can support with our existing feature set. This is a multi-year journey, and over time we will continue to expand this experience to an increasing number of sellers.

    Hence, our pricing is specific to sellers who have been invited to participate in managed payments. Most sellers can expect to see savings compared to their current payments processing fees. All sellers will also benefit from a consolidated billing structure and with more visibility into sales and payouts. You will see a new line item for payments processing fees on your monthly eBay invoices alongside your standard eBay selling fees. You will pay payments processing fees only to eBay, and not separately to a processor.

    If you have received an invitation to participate in managed payments, you will receive more information about pricing before you opt in.

  • When and how can I get my payouts?

    To get paid, you’ll need to add a bank account to your eBay seller account. You’ll get paid directly to your bank account, regardless of which payment option the buyer selects. If you sell daily, you will receive regular payouts into your bank account. There’s no need to transfer funds between accounts. Depending on your bank, you can typically expect payouts to be sent to your bank account within 2-4 business days of an order confirmation. We aim to pay you as quickly as possible, but are dependent on the credit card brands (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, etc.) and banks for payout processing and timely funds settlement. We are also looking into ways for our sellers to have more options and faster access to their funds.

Current forms of payment

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Buyer Experience

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  • What do my buyers experience?

    Buyers can use credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, and PayPal Credit on eBay, with the option to store their payment information for future use. Their experience will be just like other online retailers and they should not see or experience eBay’s processor in checkout. If a seller is participating in managed payments, all payment options offered by eBay that are compatible with the buyer’s device or browser will automatically show up during checkout.

  • Will the Global Shipping Program be supported by the new managed payment experience?

    We currently do not support the Global Shipping Program for sellers who are participating in managed payments. However, all non-US buyers can shop and pay on eBay.com as they do today. If they are buying from a seller who has opted into managed payments, the non-US buyer can pay using credit or debit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, etc.) and the seller would ship internationally on their own.

  • How can I pay for my shipping labels with this new model?

    Our current shipping label program will not change. You will still use PayPal to pay for USPS labels. Charges for FedEx label purchases will appear on your monthly invoices from eBay.

Third-party Tools

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Seller Protection

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  • Will we have seller protection?

    Yes. As long as your eBay account is in good standing, you are eligible for seller protection. Seller protection from eBay is designed to help you safeguard your online sales and prevent you from losing money due to eBay Money Back Guarantee claims. Learn more about eBay Seller Protection Policy.

  • How will claims, refunds, and returns work?

    As a managed payments seller, you only need to work with eBay for support and service on claims, refunds, and returns. You can give full or partial refunds by item or on the entire order, all on eBay.

    eBay will offer buyers the option to submit disputes and claims through the eBay Resolution Center for most situations. By centralizing resolutions, you’ll have greater visibility into claims and disputes, and be able to manage them more effectively. For the majority of claims, returns, and refunds, eBay will continue to follow existing policies, and refunds will be returned to the original payment method the buyer used at time of purchase.

    Learn more about handling payments disputes and protections. If you are eligible or active on managed payments, you can find more information about claims, refunds, and returns after you log into the Help Hub.


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