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  April 2009 Update  
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Seller Update: Overview
Keeping eBay a thriving marketplace requires a close partnership between sellers and eBay to give buyers the experience they expect. We continue to invest in driving traffic and buyer loyalty, and we need your help to make buyers happy and keep them coming back. For our part, we're also taking steps to make it easier and more profitable for you to sell.

Changes impacting your listings are now being consolidated with more lead time for you to adapt. These updates are scheduled to take place the week of June 15, 2009.
  1. Easier, more visual shopping and buyer incentives to drive more sales
    • New item page rolling out to more buyers. New photo zoom coming later this summer. Get your listings ready now.
    • New eBay product pages surfacing to more buyers. List via product details (formerly called pre-filled item information).
    • New way to list in Fixed Price. Offer all variations of one product—e.g. all colors and sizes—in a single low-cost listing.
    • Buyer incentives and loyalty programs expanded to drive more traffic.

  2. Key information to set buyer expectations and help reduce your costs
  3. Other updates to make selling on eBay more efficient
See Best Practices and the Seller Checklist for information about how these updates affect you.

Participate in or view the archives of one of our webinars April 16 and April 21.

Learn more from other sellers and eBay staff in the seller update discussion forum, April 14 and 15.