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Best Practices
Follow these best practices to take full advantage of all the spring updates to maximize your sales (Note the first three links go to other pages with more information on those topics, including best practices): Reduce time spent answering buyer questions
Take full advantage of eBay's new Smart FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). Smart FAQ answers the top 20 questions buyers ask—before they click the "Ask seller a question" link.
  • Use accurate and complete information in your listings. Smart FAQ draws on the information in your listing to answer buyer questions, so be sure the information in your listing is complete and accurate. Use all available fields including item condition, item specifics, return policy, handling time, and shipping carrier.

  • Choose the Smart FAQ and add your own. Review the default questions and answers. If you know that buyers will have specific questions about your items and transactions that aren't covered, add your own.

  • Choose what works for you. Decide whether you want your buyers to see Smart FAQs before or after the transaction, or both. The system defaults to pre-transactions questions only, and then Ask Seller a Question for post transaction questions. You can easily change this by going to My eBay > My Account > Seller Preference > FAQ.
Make it easy for buyers to track your shipments
Sellers are responsible for their items until they arrive safely in the buyers hands. Giving your buyers easy access to package tracking information goes a long way to reduce time spent answering questions. It can even help raise your shipping DSRs. eBay will now show buyers tracking information right in My eBay when sellers provide it. Get more exposure for your listings with item specifics
To help your listings surface in search results, we're making it possible to create your own item specifics when the current choices don't apply to your item. Custom item specifics will be available in more and more categories, starting in April.
  • Always use the eBay item specific choices first and add your own only when there are no appropriate alternatives. For example, if an available choice is "blue" don't customize with a designer color name like "periwinkle." Stick with blue! This is one area where you want to "fit the mold" to make sure you get the best possible exposure in search results.