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Researching vehicles

Buying a vehicle is a big step. We want you to feel secure about the vehicle you choose, so we’ve provided tools to help you research a car, truck, or motorcycle. Click the “Research” link at the top of any eBay Motors page to access our research features.

Specs & Photos

Specs & Photos shows you the overall specifications and stock photos of the interior and exterior of cars and trucks. Not all makes, models, and years have specifications and photos available.

Ratings & Reviews

Ratings, Reviews, and Guides help you get information from others about the vehicle you’re interested in.


Reviews is a forum for eBay Motors members to rate and share their opinions about vehicles. You can read and write reviews in the Cars & Trucks and Motorcycles categories. Reviews are written by members and can be voted on by readers like you using the Was this review helpful? button. Your votes determine the "Top Review.”


Click the “Write a review” link next to any vehicle listing to leave a rating on a scale of 1 to 5 in the following categories.

  • Performance

  • Reliability

  • Comfort

  • Quality & Craftsmanship


Use our Guides to share your expertise on any topic or category. There are two types of Guides: eBay Guides and member guides. eBay Guides are written by eBay personnel and always appear with an eBay logo.

Price research

Find out what the car or truck you’re interested in is worth before you buy. The following table shows you how to determine a vehicle’s worth:

Kelly Blue Book

The Kelley Blue Book Configurator gives you the KBB Suggested Retail Value and the Private Party Value. Kelly Blue Book suggested retail values are based on a vehicle in excellent condition with average mileage.

Price of similar vehicles on eBay

Just sold: shows the final sales prices for this vehicle model for the last 90 days, including listings that ended without being sold.

For sale: shows the price range of the vehicle from the available inventory.  It can include auction prices that will probably increase over time.

Compare vehicles

Click the Compare button at the top of the search results page to compare up to six vehicles at a time. When you select two or more vehicles to compare, you’ll see a side-by-side comparison that includes:

  • Overview

  • Specifications

  • Equipment

  • Safety

You can save your comparison to My eBay by clicking the Save Comparison button.

Save vehicles

To save your vehicle search, click the Save Vehicle button at the top of the page. The listing will be saved to My eBay, and you can choose to receive a daily email by selecting the check box. When you save your search, you are given the options shown in the following table:

I own this vehicle

Choose this option if you own this vehicle and are interested in parts and accessories for it, or would like to see what the vehicle is selling for on eBay Motors.

I’m interested in this vehicle

Choose this option if you are interested in purchasing the vehicle.

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