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 Cross-Promotion Connections  

Cross-Promotion Connections

Cross Sell for More Sales

Give your listings a boost of added exposure when you use the Cross-Promotion Connections feature on eBay. The Cross-Promotion Connections feature allows you to build upon your network of trusted eBay sellers to promote relevant items within each other's listings.

How it works:

  1. Request a Cross-Promotion Connection with sellers you know and trust
  2. Receive requests from other sellers to connect on eBay
  3. An active connection is formed when the request is accepted

Once a buyer bids on or wins an item you're selling, the buyer will see:
  1. Cross-promotions of items you're selling
  2. Items from other sellers you are connected to

Arranging and Managing Your Connections

To arrange and manage your cross-promotion connections, go to the Cross-Promotion Connections page in My eBay:
  1. Click the My eBay button at the top of any eBay page. You may be asked to sign in.
  2. Click the "Cross-Promotion Connections" link under My Account in the left-hand navigation area.

Find information about Cross-Promotion Connections from My eBay:

  • Request connections with eBay sellers
  • Accept or decline a request from an eBay seller
  • End an active connection
  • Change your selection preferences
  • Change your participation preference

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