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Sign up for shipping savings up to 34%* off UPS® Rates

Sign up only takes a minute and costs nothing. The more you ship the more you save! All you need is a UPS account and an eBay account.

Don't have a UPS account? You can open one at the same time as you sign up for UPS savings. It's easy and fast.
For more details, specific discounts, and answers to frequently asked questions, please see the FAQs.

* Offer available for current eBay sellers residing in the United States in good standing that complete the registration process. UPS may close the Savings Program for eBay Sellers to new members at any time. UPS may terminate the Savings Program for eBay Sellers for existing members at any time. Actual savings depend on the value of your weekly shipments, UPS service selected and the dimensional weight of each shipment. Savings for each shipment are not guaranteed. Learn more by reading the UPS Terms and Conditions. Offer subject to restrictions where required by law.
  See How Much You Can Save

Example Savings
Here is the cost for a four pound package shipped via UPS Ground from New York to San Francisco compared to Priority Mail Commercial Base and Parcel Select rates.

Commercial Address    Residential Address
UPS Ground** $12.41 UPS Ground** $15.66
USPS Priority Mail $17.09 USPS Priority Mail $17.09
USPS Parcel Select Ground $17.04 USPS Retail Ground $18.05

**Based on a comparison provided by UPS of the offer rates (including fuel surcharge) and competitor rates as of January, 2016. Accessorial charges may apply.