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 Seller Solutions  
UPS Account:
When you open a UPS Account, you'll be able to:
  • Receive your UPS charges on one consolidated statement
  • Order selected UPS shipping supplies at no charge
  • Qualify for a daily pickup
Detailed Tracking:
Get detailed UPS tracking information 24 hours a day at eBay. Or, request to send a Quantum View® Notify once you have tracked a package on Once selected, UPS will send a proactive e-mail package status update to multiple recipients.
Shipping Calculator:
Save time e-mailing with potential buyers by posting calculated shipping rates to your auctions. You can specify the following options:
  • Daily or on-demand rates
  • Your preferred shipping methods
My eBay Integration:
  • Quickly and conveniently print shipping labels
  • Manage in-transit UPS shipments via tracking
  • Pay for your shipments via your UPS account

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