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Changes to Categories and Item Specifics - September 2009

The category structure will be updated on September 22nd. If you sell in the areas below, please take a look at the new category structure and Item Specifics change detail.

  • Linens & Textiles (pre-1930): Simplifying the category structure in the Quilts section.
  • Science & Medicine: Moving the Quack Medicine category here (and out of Collectibles). Adding a category for Mining.
  • Updating Item Specifics to improve alignment with our product catalog and to incorporate Community suggestions.
Cell Phones & PDAs
  • Cell Phones: Updating Item Specifics.
  • Cell Phone Accessories: Adjusting Item Specifics for catalog addition.
Coins & Paper Money
  • US Coins: Adjusting Item Specifics for catalog addition.
Clothing, Shoes & Accessories
  • Dancewear: Removing the high-level Dancewear section, and moving the dancewear categories into the Boys', Girls', Men's and Women's Clothing sections.
  • Men's/Women's Accessories: Replacing sub-categories in Neckwear, Men's Belt Buckles and Women's Belts with more flexible Custom Item Specifics.
  • Men's Clothing: Elevating Sleepwear and Socks categories and removing Underwear style categories that duplicate Item Specifics.
  • Wedding Apparel & Accessories: Updating the categories for Veils, Tiaras & Hair Accessories and Boys' Attire to improve classification.
  • Science & Medicine (1930-Now): Moving the Quack Medicine category to Antiques (see above).
  • Linens & Textiles (1930-Now): Renaming this section (formerly Linens, Fabrics & Textiles) to clarify the appropriate date range for items listed here.
Computers & Networking
  • Desktop & Laptop Components: Combining the Apple-compatible and PC-compatible components into one streamlined area. Look for the removal of certain low-level categories as we continue to focus on catalog and search refinements to simplify the finding experience.
  • Apple Desktops, Apple Laptops, PC Laptops: Adjusting Item Specifics for catalog addition.
  • Desktop & Laptop Accessories: Similar to the Components section above, we're combining the Apple-compatible and PC-compatible accessories into one streamlined area, and removing low-level categories in favor of catalog and Custom Item Specifics functionalities.
  • Vintage Computing: Moving the Vintage Apple categories into this section.
  • Pro Audio: Moving the Pro Audio and DJ Equipment sections out of Electronics and into Musical Instruments.
  • Stage Lighting & Effects: Promoting this section to a higher level to increase visibility.
Gift Certificates
  • Adjusting Item Specifics for catalog addition.
Home & Garden
  • Holidays, Cards & Party Supply: We're building a centralized section for Greeting Cards, Holiday Decor, Party Supplies and other seasonal items.
  • Inside the Home: Streamlining the category structure in Furniture.
  • Wedding Supplies: Creating a separate section for all Wedding-related items.
  • Moving Golf Carts and Golf Carts Parts categories from Sporting Goods to Motors
  • Creating categories for New Vehicle Models
  • Adding Item Specifics to Wheels, Tires & Parts Category
  • Removing Sub-Categories in the Wheels, Tires and Parts Category
Musical Instruments
  • Pro Audio Equipment: Moving these categories out of the Electronics section (see above). Removing categories for Amplifiers, Speakers and Mixers from the DJ section and consolidating them with other categories in Pro Audio.
Pottery & Glass
  • Publications: Adding a space for price guides, manuals, etc. in the Art Glass, Glassware, Art Pottery, and China & Dinnerware sections.
Sporting Goods
  • Golf Carts: Removing categories for Electric & Gas Golf Cars and their accessories (these items should be listed on eBay Motors instead). Push-Pull Golf Carts will remain in Sporting Goods.
  • Skis, Road Bikes and Mountain Bikes: Adjusting Item Specifics for catalog addition.
Sports Mem, Cards & Fan Shop
  • Cards: Look for a simplified list of sport categories as we remove the duplication between categories and Item Specifics.
Video Games
  • Internet Games: Removing the separation between Internet games and games played on other platforms.
We appreciate your input on how we can make categories better for everyone. Please submit categories suggestions here. Thanks again to all our members who contributed to these changes!