Category Changes: Coins & Paper Money

September 2009: Coins & Paper Money

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New category added
Two categories merged into one
Category renamed
Category moved within structure
Move & Rename
Category moved & renamed

Cat NameCat IDComment
+Business & Industrial12576 
+Cameras & Photo625 
+Cell Phones & PDAs15032 
+Clothing, Shoes & Accessories11450 
-Coins & Paper Money11116 
   Replicas & Reproductions169304 
    American Buffalo139963 
    American Eagle39483 
    Foreign Gold139964 
    Leaf & Flake162133 
    Scrap & Recovered Gold162134 
    Mixed Lots39485 
   Platinum & Palladium39486 
    American Eagle39488 
    Bars & Rounds39489 
    Foreign Silver139966 
    Mixed Lots39490 
 -Coins: US253 
   Replicas & Reproductions162122 
   Half Cents4182 
  -Small Cents11633 
    Flying Eagle (1856-58)11942 
   -Indian Head (1859-1909)41084 
     Mixed Lots11943 
   -Lincoln Wheat (1909-1958)39455 
     Mixed Lots11944 
    Lincoln Memorial (1959-Now)31373 
  -Large Cents11945 
    Early (1793-96)11946 
    Draped Bust (1796-1807)11947 
    Classic Head (1808-14)11948 
    Coronet Head (1816-39)11949 
    Braided Hair (1840-57)11950 
   Two Cents149924 
  -Three Cents149925 
    3c Nickels149926 
    3c Silvers149927 
    Mixed Lots3356 
    Shield (1866-83)11952 
    Liberty (1883-1913)11953 
   -Buffalo (1913-38)139806 
     Mixed Lots142502 
   -Jefferson (1938-Now)41087 
     Mixed Lots11955 
  -Half Dimes149928 
    Early (1792-1837)149929 
    Seated (1837-1873)149930 
    Mixed Lots149931 
    Bust (1796-1837)11957 
    Seated Liberty (1837-91)11958 
    Barber (1892-1916)11959 
   -Mercury (1916-45)41090 
     Mixed Lots11960 
   -Roosevelt (1946-Now)39458 
     Mixed Lots11961 
   Twenty Cents149932 
    Bust (1796-1838)11963 
    Seated Liberty (1838-91)11964 
    Barber (1892-1916)11965 
    Standing Liberty (1916-30)11966 
   -Washington (1932-98)39461 
     Mixed Lots11967 
   -State Quarters (1999-Now)41093 
     Mixed Lots10768 
    Early Halves (1794-1839)11969 
    Seated Liberty (1839-91)11970 
    Barber (1892-1915)11971 
   -Liberty Walking (1916-47)41099 
     Mixed Lots11972 
    Franklin (1948-63)11973 
   -Kennedy (1964-Now)41102 
     Mixed Lots11974 
    Early Dollars (1794-1804)11976 
    Seated Liberty (1840-73)11977 
    Trade Dollars (1873-85)11978 
   -Morgan (1878-1921)39464 
     1899-1904, 192139466 
     Mixed Lots11979 
    Peace (1921-35)11980 
    Eisenhower (1971-78)11981 
    Susan B Anthony (1979-81,99)11982 
    Silver Eagle Proof (1986-Now)149933 
    Sacagawea (2000-Now)11983 
   -Presidential (2007-Now)159713 
     Mixed Lots159715 
    Early (Pre-1982)3355 
   -Modern (1982-Now)41106 
     Mixed Lots529 
    $2.50, Quarter Eagle39469 
    $5, Half Eagle39470 
    $10, Eagle39471 
    $20, Double Eagle39472 
    Fractional, Pioneer39473 
    Mixed Lots527 
   Mint Sets526 
  -Proof Sets41109 
    Mixed Lots3359 
   Collections, Lots525 
 -Coins: Canada3377 
   Replicas & Reproductions162167 
   Small Cents3389 
   Large Cents3388 
   Five Cents3387 
   Ten Cents3386 
   Twenty Cents149938 
   Twenty-Five Cents3385 
   Fifty Cents3384 
   Loonies/ Dollars3383 
   Twoonies/ Two Dollars3382 
   Proof/Prooflike Sets3380 
   Collections, Lots3378 
 -Coins: Ancient4733 
   Replicas & Reproductions4736 
   Persian, Indian, Asian4737 
   Roman: Imperial4734 
   Roman: Provincial4735 
   Roman: Republic3365 
 -Coins: World256 
   Replicas & Reproductions162156 
    South Africa48025 
    Hong Kong45137 
  -Australia & Oceania3368 
     Gold Coins3369 
     Mint Sets3373 
     Pre-decimal: Copper3371 
     Pre-decimal: Silver3370 
     Proof Sets3374 
     Collections, Lots3376 
    New Zealand48026 
    South Pacific3392 
    Estonia/ Latvia/ Lithuania96810 
    Italy, San Marino, Vatican39480 
   -UK (Great Britain)3394 
     1/2 Crown3404 
     1/2 Penny3396 
     2 Shillings3403 
     3 Pence3398 
     4 Pence3400 
     6 Pence3399 
     Decimal Coinage3407 
     Double Florin3405 
     Proof Sets3409 
     Collections, Lots3410 
  -Middle East58532 
    Saudi Arabia162163 
  -North & Central America45145 
    British Virgin Islands162171 
    Costa Rica162172 
    Puerto Rico149950 
  -South America45160 
   Mint, Proof Sets545 
   Collections, Lots544 
   Replicas & Reproductions152538 
   Elongated Coins3453 
   Encased Coins7109 
   Fantasy Issue Coins162135 
   So-Called Dollars139967 
   Tokens: Canada27444 
   Tokens: Civil War3456 
   Tokens: Hard Times142503 
   Tokens: Love4370 
   Tokens: Parking167951 
   Tokens: Recovery Programs167952 
   Tokens: Tax162137 
   Tokens: Transit3457 
   Tokens: US Trade3458 
   Tokens: Other3455 
   Wooden Nickels162138 
 -Paper Money: US3412 
   Replicas & Reproductions162140 
   Bank Checks162139 
   Colonial Currency3413 
   Confederate Currency3414 
   Fractional Currency3416 
  -Large Size Notes149942 
    Federal Reserve Notes149943 
    Gold Certificates149944 
    Silver Certificates149945 
    Mixed Lots149946 
   Military Payment3418 
  -Small Size Notes40028 
    Federal Reserve Notes40029 
    Gold Certificates40030 
    Hawaii, North Africa40031 
    Silver Certificates40032 
    United States Notes40033 
    Mixed Lots40034 
   National Banknotes3419 
   Obsolete Currency3420 
   Collections, Lots3044 
 -Paper Money: World3411 
   Replicas & Reproductions162194 
    South Africa162225 
    Hong Kong166681 
  -Australia & Oceania45337 
    New Zealand162195 
    South Pacific3441 
  -Middle East58516 
    Saudi Arabia162213 
  -North & Central America45338 
     Bank of Canada3429 
     Canadian Tire Money27442 
     Dominion of Canada3430 
    Costa Rica162199 
    Estonia/ Latvia/ Lithuania96808 
    Italy/ San Marino/ Vatican58511 
    UK (Great Britain)47398 
   South America3440 
   Collections, Lots3098 
 -Publications & Supplies83274 
   Albums & Folders39475 
   Coin Tubes39477 
   Magnifiers & Loupes39478 
 -Stocks & Bonds, Scripophily3444 
   Communications & Technology3447 
   Consumer Goods162230 
   Entertainment & Sports162231 
   Financial Institutions168683 
   Government & War Bonds168684 
   Oil & Gas3450 
   Power & Utilities168685 
   Mixed Lots21094 
+Computers & Networking58058 
+Dolls & Bears237 
+DVDs & Movies11232 
+Entertainment Memorabilia45100 
 Gift Certificates31411 
+Health & Beauty26395 
+Home & Garden11700 
+Jewelry & Watches281 
+Musical Instruments619 
+Pet Supplies1281 
+Pottery & Glass870 
+Real Estate10542 
+Specialty Services316 
+Sporting Goods382 
+Sports Mem, Cards & Fan Shop64482 
+Toys & Hobbies220 
+Video Games1249 
+Everything Else99 
+QA Test Clothing Shoes & Acces166299 
+QA Test Books168673 


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