Category Changes: Home & Garden

September 2009: Home & Garden

Change TypeExplanation
New category added
Two categories merged into one
Category renamed
Category moved within structure
Move & Rename
Category moved & renamed

Cat NameCat IDComment
+Business & Industrial12576 
+Cameras & Photo625 
+Cell Phones & PDAs15032 
+Clothing, Shoes & Accessories11450 
+Coins & Paper Money11116 
+Computers & Networking58058 
+Dolls & Bears237 
+DVDs & Movies11232 
+Entertainment Memorabilia45100 
 Gift Certificates31411 
+Health & Beauty26395 
-Home & Garden11700 
 -Holidays, Cards & Party Supply16086Renamed from [Wedding & Party Supplies]
  -Flowers & Bouquets26379Combined into [Flowers, Petals & Garlands-20938]
    Artificial26380Combined into [Flowers, Petals & Garlands-20938]
  -Cards & Stationery170098New Category
    Announcements102384Moved from [Greeting Cards-16092] Renamed from [Birth Announcements]
    Blank Cards102385Moved from [Greeting Cards-16092] Renamed from [Note Cards, Blank Cards]
   -Greeting Cards16092Moved from [Holidays, Cards & Party Supply-16086]
     Assortments16093Combined into [Greeting Cards-16092]
     Birthday16094Combined into [Greeting Cards-16092]
     Christmas, Holiday33881Combined into [Greeting Cards-16092]
     Other4961Combined into [Greeting Cards-16092]
    Stationery Sets170099New Category
    Note Pads170100New Category
    Thank You16095Moved from [Greeting Cards-16092]
    Other170101New Category
   Fresh Flowers & Bouquets16087Moved from [Flowers & Bouquets-26379] Renamed from [Fresh]
   Gift Baskets & Supplies16091 
  -Gift Wrap102378 
    Cellophane Bags170102New Category
    Gift Bags102379 
    Gift Boxes102380 
    Ribbons & Bows102381 
    Tissue Paper102382 
    Wrapping Paper102383 
  -Holiday & Seasonal Decor38227Moved from [Inside the Home-159888]
   -Christmas & Winter170090New Category
     Artificial Trees117414Moved from [Holiday & Seasonal Decor-38227]
     Candles & Candle Accessories168138Moved from [Holiday & Seasonal Decor-38227]
     Figurines117413Moved from [Holiday & Seasonal Decor-38227]
     Flowers, Wreaths & Garlands117419Moved from [Holiday & Seasonal Decor-38227] Renamed from [Wreaths & Garlands]
     Lights38229Moved from [Holiday & Seasonal Decor-38227] Renamed from [Holiday Lights]
     Linens & Pillows52346Moved from [Holiday & Seasonal Decor-38227]
     Ornaments166725Moved from [Holiday & Seasonal Decor-38227]
     Photo Frames38230Moved from [Holiday & Seasonal Decor-38227]
     Stockings & Hangers170091New Category
     Table Decor & Serving Pieces52347Moved from [Holiday & Seasonal Decor-38227]
     Tree Stands & Accessories166726Moved from [Holiday & Seasonal Decor-38227]
     Wall Decor166727Moved from [Holiday & Seasonal Decor-38227]
     Other170092New Category
    Easter & Spring170093New Category
    Halloween170094New Category
    July 4th & Summer170095New Category
    Thanksgiving & Fall170096New Category
    Valentine's Day170097New Category
  -Party Supplies3205Relocated within Parent
   -All Occasion Party Supplies26383Renamed from [All Occasion Supplies]
     Balloons26384Renamed from [Balloons & Decorations]
     Cake Supplies102391Renamed from [Cake]
     Decorations170103New Category
     Favors26385Relocated within Parent
     Gag Gifts19257Moved from [Holidays, Cards & Party Supply-16086]
     Ribbons & Bows102390Combined into [Ribbons & Bows-20941]
     Tableware & Serveware26388Renamed from [Tableware, Serveware]
   -Baby Shower104186 
     Balloons170104New Category
     Decorations104187Renamed from [Balloons & Decorations]
     Games & Activities104193 
    Bachelor & Bachelorette Party170105New Category
    Baptism & Christening170106New Category
    Bar & Bat Mitzvah170107New Category
     Balloons170108New Category
     Decorations26391Renamed from [Balloons & Decorations]
     Candles & Cake Decorations170165New Category
     Favors26392Moved from [Favors-102405] Renamed from [Other]
    -Favors102405Combined into [Favors-26392]
      Candy Wrappers102406Combined into [Favors-26392]
      Bags & Boxes102407Combined into [Favors-26392]
      Jewelry102408Combined into [Favors-26392]
      Pens, Erasers & Notebooks102409Combined into [Favors-26392]
      Stickers, Tattoos & Decals102410Combined into [Favors-26392]
     Games & Activities102411 
     Party Sets26394 
     Tableware & Serveware26387Renamed from [Tableware, Serveware]
    Communion & Confirmation170109New Category
   -Luau & Beach Parties102417Renamed from [Tropical Beach, Luau]
     Balloons170110New Category
     Decorations102418Renamed from [Balloons & Decorations]
     Sets & Kits102420 
     Tableware & Barware102421Renamed from [Tableware, Barware]
    Mardi Gras170111New Category
    New Year's Eve, New Year170112New Category
    St. Patrick's Day170113New Category
    Valentine's Day170114New Category
   Other170115New Category
 -Inside the Home159888 
  +Food & Wine14308 
   Bedroom20476Moved from [Furniture-3197] Combined into [Furniture-3197]
   Dining Room20481Moved from [Furniture-3197] Combined into [Furniture-3197]
   Home Office20494Moved from [Furniture-3197] Combined into [Furniture-3197]
   Kitchen115752Moved from [Furniture-3197] Combined into [Furniture-3197]
   Living Room20486Moved from [Furniture-3197] Combined into [Furniture-3197]
  -Furniture3197Relocated within Parent
    Armoires & Wardrobes103430Moved from [Bedroom-20476] Renamed from [Armoires]
    Bar Stools38201Moved from [Kitchen-115752]
    Bean Bags & Inflatables48319Moved from [Living Room-20486]
    Beds38185Moved from [Bedroom-20476]
    Bed Frames38184Moved from [Bedroom-20476]
    Bedroom Sets20480Moved from [Bedroom-20476]
    Benches & Stools103431Moved from [Kitchen-115752] Renamed from [Step Stools]
    Bookcases3199Moved from [Living Room-20486]
    Cabinets & Cupboards20487Moved from [Living Room-20486] Renamed from [Chests & Cabinets]
    CD & Video Racks22653Moved from [Living Room-20486]
    Chairs38200Moved from [Dining Room-20481] Renamed from [Dining Chairs]
   +Children's Furniture66741Relocated within Parent
    Desks & Computer Furniture20495Moved from [Home Office-20494] Renamed from [Computer Desks]
    Dining Sets20484Moved from [Dining Room-20481] Renamed from [Dining Table & Chair Sets]
    Dressers & Vanities20478Moved from [Bedroom-20476] Renamed from [Dressers & Chests]
    Entertainment Ctrs & TV Stands20488Moved from [Living Room-20486]
    Futons131579New Category
    Headboards109064Moved from [Bedroom-20476]
    Kitchen Islands & Carts115753Moved from [Kitchen-115752] Renamed from [Kitchen Islands]
    Serving Carts50404Moved from [Kitchen-115752] Combined into [Kitchen Islands & Carts-115753]
    Mattresses20479Moved from [Bedroom-20476]
    Nightstands38199Moved from [Bedroom-20476]
    Office Furniture Sets134655Moved from [Home Office-20494]
    Ottomans & Footstools20490Moved from [Living Room-20486]
    Sideboards & Buffets20483Moved from [Dining Room-20481] Renamed from [Buffets]
    Sofas, Loveseats & Chaises4960Moved from [Sofas & Loveseats-38208] Renamed from [Sofas]
    Tables38202Moved from [Dining Room-20481] Renamed from [Dining Tables]
    Trunks & Chests20493Moved from [Living Room-20486] Renamed from [Trunks]
    Other3195Moved from [Bedroom-20476]
    Floor Mirrors79632Moved from [Bedroom-20476] Combined into [Mirrors-20580]
    Vanity Sets & Benches32878Moved from [Bedroom-20476] Combined into [Dressers & Vanities-20478]
    Other20485Moved from [Dining Room-20481] Combined into [Other-3195]
    China Cabinets79633Moved from [Dining Room-20481] Combined into [Cabinets & Cupboards-20487]
    Other20497Moved from [Home Office-20494] Combined into [Other-3195]
    Bookcases115766Moved from [Home Office-20494] Combined into [Bookcases-3199]
    Computer Armoires134653Moved from [Home Office-20494] Combined into [Desks & Computer Furniture-20495]
    File & Storage Cabinets79638Moved from [Home Office-20494] Combined into [Cabinets & Cupboards-20487]
    Laptop Desks & Stands159894Moved from [Home Office-20494] Combined into [Desks & Computer Furniture-20495]
    Office Chairs20496Moved from [Home Office-20494] Combined into [Chairs-38200]
    Traditional Desks134654Moved from [Home Office-20494] Combined into [Desks & Computer Furniture-20495]
    Kitchen Cabinets & Storage159893Moved from [Kitchen-115752] Combined into [Cabinets-85879]
    Kitchen Tables & Chairs115755Moved from [Kitchen-115752] Combined into [Dining Sets-20484]
    Other115756Moved from [Kitchen-115752] Combined into [Other-3195]
    Benches38203Moved from [Living Room-20486] Combined into [Benches & Stools-103431]
    Chairs115757Moved from [Living Room-20486] Combined into [Chairs-38200]
   -Futons79634Moved from [Living Room-20486] Combined into [Futons-131579]
     Complete Sets159981Combined into [Futons-131579]
     Futon Frames79635Combined into [Futons-131579]
     Futon Mattresses79636Combined into [Futons-131579]
     Futon Covers79637Combined into [Futons-131579]
     Other31386Combined into [Futons-131579]
   -Occasional Tables38204Moved from [Living Room-20486] Combined into [Tables-38202]
     Card & Game Tables66745Combined into [Tables-38202]
     Coffee Tables38205Combined into [Tables-38202]
     Console & Sofa Tables48320Combined into [Tables-38202]
     End Tables38206Combined into [Tables-38202]
     Tray Tables115764Combined into [Tables-38202]
     Table Sets38207Combined into [Tables-38202]
     Other20489Combined into [Tables-38202]
   -Sofas & Loveseats38208Moved from [Living Room-20486] Combined into [Sofas, Loveseats & Chaises-4960]
     Loveseats38209Combined into [Sofas, Loveseats & Chaises-4960]
     Sectionals103432Combined into [Sofas, Loveseats & Chaises-4960]
     Sofa Beds, Sleeper Sofas115765Combined into [Sofas, Loveseats & Chaises-4960]
     Sets38210Combined into [Sofas, Loveseats & Chaises-4960]
     Other94933Combined into [Sofas, Loveseats & Chaises-4960]
    Other3196Moved from [Living Room-20486] Combined into [Other-3195]
  +Home Decor & Accents10033 
  -Housekeeping & Organization299 
    Carpet Shampooers20611 
    Carpet Steamers79656 
    Carpet & Floor Sweepers79657 
   +Cleaning Supplies20605 
   +Home Organization43502 
   +Laundry Supplies20620 
    Vacuum Cleaner Bags20618Moved from [Vacuum Cleaners-20614]
    Vacuum Parts & Accessories42146Moved from [Vacuum Cleaners-20614]
    Vintage Vacuums115993Moved from [Vacuum Cleaners-20614]
   -Vacuum Cleaners20614 
     Canister Vacuums20615Combined into [Vacuum Cleaners-20614]
     Central Vacuums43521Combined into [Vacuum Cleaners-20614]
     Handheld Vacuums20616Combined into [Vacuum Cleaners-20614]
     Robotic Vacuums124101Combined into [Vacuum Cleaners-20614]
     Upright Vacuums20617Combined into [Vacuum Cleaners-20614]
     Other43526Combined into [Vacuum Cleaners-20614]
  -Kitchen, Dining & Bar20625 
   +Bar Tools & Accessories20687 
    Children's Dining Items115715 
   +Dinnerware & Serving Pieces36027 
    Flatware Storage159899 
   -Kitchen Storage & Organization20652 
     Bakers Racks20482Moved from [Kitchen-115752]
     Canisters20654Relocated within Parent
     Food Storage Bags20653Relocated within Parent
     Plastic Containers20655 
     Pot Racks38239 
     Racks & Holders46283 
     Spice Jars & Racks20646 
     Vacuum Sealers63510 
   +Kitchen Tools & Gadgets20635 
   +Small Kitchen Appliances20667 
  +Lamps, Lighting & Ceiling Fans20697 
  -Major Appliances20710 
   +Microwave & Convection Ovens150138 
   +Ranges & Cooking Appliances43563 
   -Refrigerators & Freezers71258 
     Ice Makers79675 
     Mini Fridges & Kegerators71261Combined into [Refrigerators-20713]
     Refrigerators: Bottom-Mount71262Combined into [Refrigerators-20713]
     Refrigerators20713Renamed from [Refrigerators: Top-Mount]
     Refrigerators: Side-By-Side71263Combined into [Refrigerators-20713]
     Upright & Chest Freezers71260 
     Wine Chillers & Cellars71264 
     Parts & Accessories71259 
   +Washers & Dryers42231 
   Rugs & Carpets20584 
   Stair Treads168133 
  +Window Treatments63514 
 -Tools & Home Improvement159907 
  +Building & Hardware3187 
  +Electrical & Solar20595 
  -Heating, Cooling & Air41986 
   +Air Conditioners79622 
    Air Filters43509 
    Air Cleaners & Purifiers43510 
    Furnaces & Heating Systems41987 
    Portable Fans20612 
    Portable Fireplaces & Stoves117412Moved from [Portable & Space Heaters-115962]
    Portable & Space Heaters20613Moved from [Portable & Space Heaters-115962] Renamed from [Other]
   -Portable & Space Heaters115962Combined into [Portable & Space Heaters-20613]
     Electric Space Heaters115963Combined into [Portable & Space Heaters-20613]
     Propane & Kerosene Heaters115964Combined into [Portable & Space Heaters-20613]
   +Water Heaters115965 
  +Home Security41968 
  +Plumbing & Fixtures20601 
    Air Compressors22662 
   +Air Tools22659 
    Generators: Home-Use46412 
   +Hand Tools3244 
   -Power Tools3247 
    +Batteries & Chargers50389 
     Buffers & Polishers42266 
     Combination Sets28057 
    +Drill Bits50382 
    -Corded Drills42267 
      Angle Drills71294 
      Drill Drivers20776 
      Drill Presses71296 
      Impact Drivers & Wrenches71297Combined into [Impact Wrenches-168135]
    +Cordless Drills42270 
     Heat Guns66797 
     Impact Drivers168134Renamed from [Cordless Impact Drivers]
     Impact Wrenches168135Renamed from [Cordless Impact Wrenches]
     Jacks & Stands43593 
     Lathes & Accessories42282 
     Nail & Staple Guns20779Renamed from [Nail and Staple Guns-Electric]
     Rotary Tools29528 
    +Routers, Bits & Accessories71305Renamed from [Routers, Bits, & Accessories]
    +Sanders & Accessories42284 
    +Saws & Blades20783Renamed from [Saws, Blades, & Accessories]
    Meters, Testers & Probes42291 
   +Safety & Protective Gear43614 
    Tie Downs & Straps85917 
   +Tool Boxes, Belts & Storage42361 
    Welding & Soldering Tools46413 
 -Wedding Supplies11827Moved from [Holidays, Cards & Party Supply-16086]
   Aisle Runners102423 
   Bridal Shower170118New Category
  +Cake Supplies98732 
   Candles & Candle Holders20936Renamed from [Candles, Candle Holders]
   Card Boxes & Wishing Wells168189 
    Candles170123New Category
    Candy Wraps33158Relocated within Parent
    Coffees & Teas170119New Category
    Favor Bags & Boxes33159Renamed from [Favor Bags, Boxes]
    Photo Favors170120New Category
    Soaps170121New Category
    Wine & Barwear170122New Category
   Flower Girl Baskets102449 
   Baskets105457Moved from [Bridal Accessories-15717] Combined into [Flower Girl Baskets-102449]
   Flowers, Petals & Garlands20938 
   Garters102464Combined into [Garters-15718]
   Guest Books & Pens20940 
   Instructional & Planning Aids102468 
  -Invitations, Stationery102469 
    Announcements170124New Category
    Invitations102470Relocated within Parent
    Labels & Seals170125New Category
    Place Cards & Table Cards102446Renamed from [Place Cards]
    Save the Date170126New Category
    Thank You Cards102471 
   Napkins, Tablecloths & Plates33161 
   Ribbons & Bows20941Renamed from [Pew Bows]
   Photo Albums102473 
   Ring Pillows33162 
   Pillows105470Moved from [Bridal Accessories-15717] Combined into [Ring Pillows-33162]
 -Yard, Garden & Outdoor Living159912 
  +Bird & Wildlife Accessories75578 
  +Garden Decor20498 
  +Garden Structures & Fencing75603 
  +Gardening & Plants2032 
  +Outdoor Cooking & Eating149242 
   Outdoor Holiday Decor117416 
  +Outdoor Lighting42154 
  +Outdoor Power Equipment29518 
  +Patio & Garden Furniture20716 
  -Pools & Spas20727 
   +Pool & Spa Covers116413 
    Pool Chemicals & Testing20729 
   +Pool Fun159921 
   +Pool Parts & Maintenance159923 
    Spas & Hot Tubs42240 
    Plans, Guides & Manuals170116New Category
 +Wholesale Lots31605 
+Jewelry & Watches281 
+Musical Instruments619 
+Pet Supplies1281 
+Pottery & Glass870 
+Real Estate10542 
+Specialty Services316 
+Sporting Goods382 
+Sports Mem, Cards & Fan Shop64482 
+Toys & Hobbies220 
+Video Games1249 
+Everything Else99 
+QA Test Clothing Shoes & Acces166299 
+QA Test Books168673 


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