2014 Spring Seller Update: Seller checklist

Stay on top of seller updates
and improvements

Checklist items with this symbol may require updates to your listings. Save time and effort by making multiple updates at once whenever you can.

Starting now

Take time now to learn about the new seller standards coming with the August 20 evaluation while you have plenty of time to prepare. Pay special attention to the best practices for maintaining a low transaction defect rate.

Make sure you are uploading tracking numbers from a carrier that can be validated by eBay with at least one carrier scan. The easiest and most reliable way to do this is to pay for shipping and print your shipping labels on eBay. You get discounted shipping and valid tracking is uploaded automatically to eBay.

Check out the new features in eBay hassle-free returns. If you're not already using the easy, cost effective way to offer and manage returns, get started now.

Take the time now to revise your listings with new item specifics to help ensure they're moved to the correct category when category updates are made beginning the week of April 7. Check Selling Reminders on your My eBay All Selling page or the new Listing Improvement section of the Selling Manager summary page to identify your listings without item specifics and recommendations for optimizing visibility for your listings.

In April

Week of April 7—Start using the new and revised categories as soon as they become available beginning this week.

Week of April 16—All sellers: Starting this week you'll have a preview of how you're trending toward the new seller standards. Check your dashboard regularly and take action to make sure you're in the best possible position for the August 20 evaluation.

In May

If you've had more than 400 transactions over the past 3 months, you are on a 3-month look-back cycle and May is the first month of transactions that will be evaluated for the new defect rate in the August 20 seller evaluation.

In August

August 20—This is the first time you'll be evaluated based on the new seller standards, including the new transaction defect rate. Your seller dashboard will be fully updated with the new standards. Check to see where you stand and what action you may need to take.

In September

Start adding the new extended holiday returns option to your listings as soon as it's available this month. This will give you an important competitive advantage as you head into the holiday season. With holiday returns, your buyers have until January 31 to return items they purchase in November and December. Note, this option will be required for Top Rated Plus discounts and seal in November and December.