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Whenever you purchase a label through eBay Labels, a QR code will be automatically emailed to you. When you drop off your package with a participating carrier, you can use an in-store self-service station to scan the code and print the label, or have an associate do it for you. It’s quick, easy, and helps save money since you won’t need to use your own printer, ink or labels.

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No printer? No problem with QR Code for eBay Labels

Save time and money with printerless labels, all from the convenience of your smart phone or tablet.

How it works

After the sale

Go to your sold listings on My eBay to generate the label from your preferred carrier service. All of our carrier partners (USPS®, UPS® and FedEx®) offer a QR code option.

Generate label

Select QR Code under “shipping label format”, then “purchase and print” and the QR Code will be automatically emailed to you.

Get QR code

Simply open the email on smart phone or tablet to access the QR code. If you prefer, you can also download the QR code from the eBay Labels confirmation page.

Label and ship

Head to your nearest carrier drop-off location offering print in store, with your package ready to ship. Scan the QR code yourself (or present it to a retail associate) to print your shipping label and you’re ready to ship.

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About eBay Labels

eBay Labels is a convenient and affordable way to ship the items you sell. Seamlessly purchase/print/track/edit shipping labels and automatically upload tracking information—either individually or in bulk—for your eBay business. Plus, you’ll appreciate the convenience of using the QR code option and the savings you get from eBay’s pre-negotiated rates with the major shipping carriers.

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