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Before you list


Find your best shipping rate

eBay has discounted rates with top shipping providers. No matter which you choose, you can pass on the savings to your buyers.


Choose flat-cost or calculated shipping

It's up to you what you charge to ship. If you're new to exports, we recommend calculated shipping, which eliminates the guesswork!


Turn on international shipping

Expand your buyer base with just the click of a button. Simply select Sell to international buyers as you list.


Specify where you'll ship

You can exclude regions or countries you don't want to ship to. Set this in your Shipping preferences or for each listing.


Offer returns and refunds

Return rates for international purchases average only 1%, but give buyers confidence with a good, clear return policy.


Communicate duties and fees

When you ship internationally, make sure buyers know they're responsible for import costs like duties and taxes.

After the sale


Use eBay labels

Get discounted postage and manage all your shipping needs‒including scheduling pickup‒without ever leaving your office.


Customs forms

You'll need to fill out a customs form provided by your shipping carrier. eBay labels makes this easier than ever.


Add insurance with Shipcover

Cover yourself when you ship internationally. Purchase insurance with Shipcover at a great rate as you print your eBay label.


Tracking number

Add a tracking number to your shipment so you and your buyer can follow its journey. eBay labels adds tracking automatically.

Next-step tips

Use returns automation

Save time by automating parts of the returns process or expediting refunds and exchanges.

Learn the restrictions

Part of selling internationally is knowing the rules of what can‒and can't‒ship where.

Learn the threshold

The de minimis threshold is the price below which an item is exempt from import duties and taxes, and each country's is different!

Use AfterShip tracking

For the best international tracking, the experts use AfterShip.

Seller protection

We understand the challenges of international sales and shipping. That's why eBay removes negative feedback caused by delivery delays in emerging markets and keeps them from counting against you.

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