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eBay Stores feature changes, subscriber benefits and discounts, and new markdown sale event requirement.

What you need to know

  • eBay Stores management feature changes, and new subscriber benefits and discounts to help you manage and grow your business.
  • List an item for 14 calendar days with no changes before you create a markdown sale event with Promotions Manager.

eBay Stores and feature changes

As we announced in the 2018 Spring Seller Update, we are updating eBay Stores to give buyers a better shopping experience.

In May 2018, we started moving Stores without custom content to the new Stores experience. These Stores will be updated to a new URL: https://www.ebay.com/str/StoreName. Your previous Store URL will automatically redirect to the new URL with no action required on your part. We recommend using this new URL when linking to your Store to reduce page load times.

Stores with custom pages will be updated to the new experience later this year. Stores with custom storefronts will be updated in 2019.

New Stores features

Starting in June 2018, we will provide eBay Stores subscribers valuable new features that will help you manage your Store. They include:

  • New merchandising opportunities
  • Enhanced mobile experience
  • HTTPS security

Manage your Store from one convenient location—Seller Hub

In late-June 2018, these Store features will only be accessible in Seller Hub at the following locations:

  • Marketing tab
    • Stores Management
  • Performance tab
    • Sales reports
    • Traffic reports

You will continue to have access to eBay promotional tools through the Stores experience including Promoted Listings, Promotions Manager, and Global Shipping Program.

New eBay Stores subscriber benefits and discounts

eBay offers Stores subscribers exclusive benefits and discounts provided by our partners to help you manage and grow your business. We have added three new benefits and discount programs with no additional cost to all Stores subscribers. They include:

  • Marketing support. Free co-branded promotional material for your physical storefront from eBay Always Open and support to help drive online traffic to your eBay Store.
  • Payroll benefits and HR. A free 3-month trial with Gusto™ Built for the modern business, Gusto helps you onboard and pay employees and contractors, and automates payroll taxes, deductions, and time off.
  • Accounting services. Discounts on Bench Accounting services for both regular and catch-up bookkeeping—ideal for small to medium businesses. If you already use Bench, get more ongoing support. Bench can also help you get your finances back in order.

Explore these Stores subscriber benefits and discounts.

Store feature removals

Starting late-June 2018, the following features will be removed because the functionality is either outdated or included in the new Stores management experience.

  • Recommendations
  • HTML builder
  • Search Engine Keywords
  • Promotional flyer
  • Favorite Seller Top Picks
  • RSS feeds
  • Promote similar items

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eBay Stores and feature changes FAQs

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New markdown sale event requirement

Starting June 25, 2018, you must list your item for 14 calendar days at the same price before you can create a markdown sale event with Promotions Manager.

We recommend that you list your item at a competitive price before you create a markdown sale event. For many products, pricing recommendations are provided as you list and under the Growth tab in Seller Hub.

Learn more about pricing strategies.


New markdown sale event requirement FAQs

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