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eBay Guaranteed Delivery will be available to more sellers, and a more intuitive experience for printing and purchasing labels on eBay.

What you need to know

  • eBay Guaranteed Delivery will be available to more sellers.
  • Streamlined and simplified eBay label purchasing and printing, shipping service and pricing comparisons, and more.

eBay Guaranteed Delivery

With eBay Guaranteed Delivery, sellers increase their items' visibility and buyers get their purchases in 3 days or less, guaranteed. With the handling time guarantee, sellers guarantee same-day or 1-day handling, and eBay calculates and guarantees the delivery date to the buyer within the shopping experience. Items backed by eBay Guaranteed Delivery benefit from greater exposure on eBay because buyers can filter for them in their searches.

Starting in March 2018, eBay Guaranteed Delivery's handling time guarantee will be available to more sellers. We will reduce the average number of transactions required for eligibility to 100 transactions within the previous 12 months. You will need to maintain a late shipment rate of 3% or lower to qualify. Check the on-time shipping metric in your Seller Dashboard to see if you meet the requirement. Qualified eBay sellers will be notified of their eligibility via email.

Through June 30, eBay will cover any late deliveries to buyers if they raise a case. This means eBay will provide the buyer the choice of "make it right" options per the program terms and conditions. After June 30, eBay will continue to cover late deliveries as long as you meet your handling time commitment.

To give you more flexibility to use the labels platform of your choice, we are also removing one of the existing requirements. Starting March 2018, you will no longer be required to use eBay shipping labels to participate in the eBay Guaranteed Delivery handling time option. However, you will be required to upload on-time validated tracking for at least 95% of your transactions to remain in the program.

Starting in March 2018, the Guaranteed Delivery bulk editing tool will be available in Seller Hub. You can use the tool to determine which listings are not yet eligible for eBay Guaranteed Delivery and make changes to your listings.


eBay Guaranteed Delivery FAQs

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  • Why is eBay Guaranteed Delivery important?

    eBay Guaranteed Delivery promises buyers delivery dates they can count on. It also improves visibility for sellers' items because buyers can filter results to see only the items that are guaranteed to arrive in 3 days or less. On-time, fast delivery is an important factor for buyers in today's ecommerce marketplace.

  • If I opt in, do I have to guarantee all my listings?

    No. You have the flexibility to guarantee only the items you wish to guarantee.

  • After I opt into the eBay Guaranteed Delivery handling time option, what will I need to do to activate my listings?

    After you opt in, you'll need to make sure your listings meet the following requirements to be activated into eBay Guaranteed Delivery:

    After opting in, use the Guaranteed Delivery bulk editing tool to see which of your listings do not yet meet these requirements.

  • What happens if an eBay Guaranteed Delivery item arrives late?

    Sellers who opt into the handling time option are required to guarantee same-day or 1-day handling time, and eBay determines and guarantees the delivery date to the buyer. If an item arrives late even though the seller met their handling time, eBay will refund the buyer's shipping cost or pay for their return label. If the buyer wants to keep the item and shipping was free, eBay will provide a coupon that can be used toward a future eBay purchase.

    If a seller misses their handling time and the item arrives late, the seller is responsible for providing to the buyer a shipping refund or free return label, whichever the buyer chooses.

    In all scenarios, eBay will handle customer service with the buyer.

    Read more eBay Guaranteed Delivery FAQs here.


Coming soon—the new eBay labels experience

This summer, purchasing and printing labels on eBay will become even easier and more intuitive. We're updating the eBay shipping labels experience by adding powerful new features that will help you make informed shipping choices quickly and easily. New features will include estimated delivery dates based on shipping service and easy shipping service and pricing comparisons. We will continue to provide you with substantial discounts on shipping services and automatically update tracking for your buyer.

The transition from the current eBay labels experience to the new experience will be seamless, and you can continue to use your preferred shipping services without interruption.

The new eBay labels experience offers powerful features with an intuitive interface.

shipping labels

Learn more about the new eBay labels experience.


New eBay labels experience FAQs

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