Growth Tools

Enhanced pricing guidance, more placements and reporting for promoted listings, and new seller metrics.

What you need to know

  • Enhanced pricing guidance for Seller Hub users, and new Marketplace Insights API available to third-party providers and high-volume sellers.
  • Promoted listings placements will appear on eBay's home page and enhanced reports will be available on the campaign management dashboard.
  • New visibility into the status of buyers' after-sale requests in Seller Hub.

eBay pricing guidance and API

Starting later this year, we'll expand our enhanced pricing guidance to more listings and for more sellers in more categories. Pricing suggestions will be based on information similar to our current guidance for underperforming listings. The new guidance will also be available through the Marketplace Insights API for third-party providers and large volume sellers.

These demand signals will be provided in the API:

  • Quantity sold of a product during the previous 14 days.
  • Number of times a product appeared in search queries on eBay during the previous 14 days.

These supply signals will be provided in the API:

  • Number of active listings for a product currently on eBay. Quantity of the product currently available on eBay.

This product information will also be provided:

  • The minimum and maximum price on eBay during the previous 60 days.
  • The minimum and maximum price from other online retailers during the previous 60 days.
  • The current "trending price."

Learn more about pricing guidance.


eBay pricing guidance and API FAQs

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New seller metrics

When you sell an item and the buyer notifies you that they have not received their item, or that it was not as described, your seller performance standard rating may be affected if you do not resolve the buyer request in a timely manner. Starting in June 2018, we will provide you with additional visibility into the status of your buyers’ after-sale requests in Seller Hub, which will help you identify any listings that aren’t meeting buyer expectations. The metrics will also show how often you receive these requests compared to sellers of similar items and circumstances. Low rates of after-sale requests can help improve your listings visibility.


New seller metrics FAQs

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  • Why is eBay making this change?

    The new metrics can help you identify listings that aren't meeting buyer expectations and manage your business better.

  • What new metrics will be published?

    Sellers will see new information about transactions where buyers contacted them about items not received, and requested returns for items not as described. Sellers will see their own rates as well as peer benchmarks to compare with other sellers on eBay.

  • What is an "item not as described" return?

    "Item not as described" returns are those in which buyers ask to return items for any of the following reasons:

    • Doesn't work or defective
    • Doesn't seem authentic
    • Doesn't match the description or photos
    • Arrived damaged
    • Wrong item sent
    • Missing parts or pieces
  • What is an "item not received" request?

    Buyers are provided estimated delivery dates for purchases on eBay. When buyers contact sellers to ask where their item is after the estimated delivery date has passed or after tracking shows an item was delivered but was not received, an "item not received" request will be created. You can view your "items not received" requests in the resolution center.

  • What are peer seller benchmarks and how are they determined?

    A peer seller benchmark represents the performance of sellers who offer similar products and have circumstances. You can use this information to make comparisons and identify opportunities to improve your business practices. When determining peer benchmarks, we will consider factors that we believe impact the published metrics, including the listing site, location of the buyer, product category, sale price, item condition, and more.

  • What is the purpose of sharing the new metrics and benchmarks?

    We are sharing new seller metrics and benchmarks to provide you with more insights about your eBay business and help you meet buyers’ expectations. When buyers receive their orders on time and in the condition they expect, they are less likely to require service after the sale. It also builds confidence in eBay as a safe and trusted marketplace for future shopping.

  • Will the new metrics and benchmarks impact my seller performance standards evaluation?

    The new seller metrics and benchmarks will not affect your seller performance standards evaluation or rating. However, sellers with high rates of requests for "item not received" and returns for "item not as described" are at risk of having those cases closed without resolution. You can view your seller performance standards rating and the factors considered here.

  • Will only sellers with a high volume of cases be able to view this data?

    Sellers who have at least one transaction during the previous 12 months will be able to view their rates for items not received and returns for items not as described. Sellers who have 100 transactions, or unusually high rates of claims relative to their transactions in a shipping corridor or category, during the previous 12 months will be able to view peer benchmarks.

  • What transactions will be included in the new metrics and benchmarks?

    The new metrics will show any transaction where a buyer has opened a case requesting help for items not received or returns for items not as described. These case types align with those considered in seller performance standards, and will reflect cases that are resolved by the seller.