Why get an eBay store?

When you open an eBay Store, you open your doors to millions of buyers around the world. You can send your customers to a place where they can see all of your products organized in a way that is easy to browse and buy.

  • Save. More unlimited free listings per month depending on the type of store you choose.
  • Brand your store. Attract more buyers and drive repeat business with a branded storefront.
  • Run a sale or offer coupons. Put your listings in front of buyers with exclusive eBay promotional pricing tools.
  • Competitive eBay insights and pricing data. Determine what to sell, when to sell it, and at what price with Terapeak.**
  • Efficient Store management. Manage your Store in Seller Hub.

Benefits that add up

Store subscribers receive*

  • Unlimited insertion fee credits for auction listings that end in a sale.**
  • Up to 50% off final value fees compared to non-subscriber rates.
  • Get items noticed and sell more items per visit by creating promotions and markdown sale events.
  • Quarterly coupon toward eBay-branded shipping supplies.**
  • Exclusive discounts to business services.

Anchor and Enterprise store subscribers receive

  • Access to white-glove customer support by phone and email—wherever, whenever.

How to determine the best eBay Store subscription for you

If you currently sell less than 50 items each month you probably don’t need an eBay Store subscription. As you sell more, you may want a place to organize and manage your inventory on eBay. Consider these general guidelines to determine the best Store subscription for your needs.

  • Starter Store. Best for sellers who have a handful of products and want a storefront to brand and promote their business.
  • Basic Store. Unlock more zero insertion fee listings, final value fee discounts, and a coupon for eBay-branded shipping supplies each quarter.
  • Premium Store. If you have an extensive product assortment, a Premium Store subscription gives you substantially more zero insertion fee listings.
  • Anchor or Enterprise Store. For high volume sellers who have an extensive product catalog or are running a business that would benefit from dedicated customer support.
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*Optional fees, including advanced listing upgrade fees, supplemental service fees, and final value fees still apply. Category exclusions apply. Note that Starter Store Subscribers may not receive the same benefits as the other Store levels.

**Only applicable to Basic, Premium, Anchor, and Enterprise Stores. Optional fees, including advanced listing upgrade fees, supplemental service fees, and final value fees still apply.