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eBay Stores provides a secure shopping experience and features a new look that's consistent with the eBay home page design. The newly-designed experience also:

eBay Stores experience update schedule

The majority of sellers' Stores were updated automatically in May 2018. If you have custom pages or a fully custom storefront, you can move to the new experience now, or we will move your Store at a later date.

You do not need to take any action. We will remind you of these changes before we move you to the new experience. Store subscribers will be moved to the new experience in two phases, detailed in the timeline below.

Standard Store with no custom content Store with custom storefront

May 2018


Sellers who do not have custom pages or a custom storefront will automatically be moved to the new Store experience in May 2018.

Sellers with fully custom storefronts will be moved to the new Store experience in 2019.

New controls for adding custom content will be available later in 2018.

Sellers may move to the new experience in May by following the steps below. eBay recommends these sellers move to the new experience as soon as possible since these new storefronts are 100% free of active content, comply with HTTPS requirements, deliver improved SEO traffic, and mobile web experience.

These sellers will still be able to manage their storefront content using the tools they currently use. A new tool will be coming later in 2018.

These storefronts will be moved to the new experience in 2019.

How to move to the new experience

If your Store wasn't automatically moved to the new experience in May, you can follow the steps below to enjoy the new experience.

  1. From your storefront, go to "Manage Store" page or from Marketing tab on Seller Hub, Click Edit Store under Manager You Store section.
  2. Click "Custom Pages" link on left navigation bar; If you do not see "Custom Pages" link, you can skip the rest.
  3. If you have any "Active Pages", select 'deactivate' for each.
  4. Under Store Homepage section, select 'all your listings' and select apply.

Optimized experience

The new Store design is optimized for display on mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets. It does not contain any active content and is fully secure and HTTPS compliant.

eBay Stores shopping web

Below is an example of the new eBay Stores shopping experience in mobile web.

eBay Stores shopping iphone

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