Promoted Listings Lite

Boost your listings visibility by 30%.* Now eligible for sellers using the quick listing tool.**

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What is Promoted Listings Lite?

Promoted Listings Lite is a smart way to get your listing noticed on eBay, and it's now available for sellers using the quick listing tool.** This program makes your listing stand out from the crowd with higher placements in search, so more buyers can find you faster. Getting started is easy, and you only pay when a shopper clicks on your promoted listing and makes a purchase.

Benefits for sellers

Reach more buyers

Promoted Listings Lite helps your listing stand out, making it easier for the right buyer to find it.

Improve chances of a sale

With a more prominent listing, you have an increased chance of closing your sale.

Pay only when your item sells

You are not charged unless a buyer clicks on the listing and purchases your item in 30 days.

How it works

List it

Use our quick listing tool to create or revise your listing.

Promote it

If your listing meets the eligibility requirements, you'll see an option to promote your listing.**

Ship it

Save time by packing your item and having it ready to ship. Earnings are on their way!

Are you eligible?

Promoted Listings Lite is currently available for sellers using the quick listing tool. Read through our FAQs and Terms of Service to view the full list of requirements.

  • What is Promoted Listings Lite?

    Promoted Listings Lite is an advertising service available exclusively for items sold on eBay using the quick listing tool. This service can put your items in premium placements when buyers are actively searching and shopping on eBay, increasing your items' visibility and likelihood of being sold.

  • How does an item get qualified for Promoted Listings Lite?

    Only listings created or revised through the quick listing tool are eligible for Promoted Listings Lite. You must ensure your listing:

    • Is in fixed-price format. Listings that are Auction only or Auction with Buy It Now pricing are not eligible for Promoted Listings Lite
    • Has applied our recommended price guidance
    • Is listed under any category except Motors, Real Estate, or Travel
    • Includes at least 2 pictures
    • Does not have item condition listed as "Parts not working"
    • Does not have shipping listed as "Local Pick-up"
    • This service is also not available to below standard sellers.

  • Do I have to pay a fee even if my item doesn't sell?

    No. You'll only be charged the fee if a buyer clicks on your promoted listing and purchases it within 30 days. If a buyer clicks on the promoted listing, looks at your item and leaves the site, but then returns within 30 days and purchases your item, the fee still applies.

    However, if a buyer finds your item via a non-promoted listing in search results, you will not be charged the fee.

  • How is the fee calculated?

    We calculate the fee by referencing the trending price for similar items at the time of listing. We then select a percentage of that price as the fee to give your item the best chance of being featured in the premium placements exclusively reserved for this service.

  • When is the fee deducted from my account?

    The fee will be deducted from your account when your item sells, and only if the sale was due to the listing that was promoted. You'll see it included in your invoice, similar to your final value fee.

  • Is my item guaranteed to sell?

    Promoting your listing does not guarantee a sale. However, using Promoted Listings Lite means your listings have a chance of appearing in premium placements around eBay, which leads to a greater chance of being noticed by potential buyers. In fact, your item's visibility could increase by 30%.**

  • What if someone clicks on my listing that is promoted, but doesn't buy the item right away?

    Our payment structure is set up so that you'll only be charged the fee if your item is sold through the listing that was promoted and the buyer purchases your item within 30 days of clicking the promoted listing. If your item is sold without the help of the promotion, there will be no additional fee.

  • How do I cancel or opt my listing out of a promotion?

    For now, the only way to cancel or opt-out is by canceling your listing and relisting your item.

  • Can I promote more than 1 listing at a time?

    Yes, you can promote any number of listings as long as your item fits the eligibility criteria in question 2.

  • What will my listing look like when it is promoted?
    promoted-listing promoted-listing-mobile
  • How do I know if people are clicking on my listing that is promoted?

    At this time, you will only be informed of the items that are sold through the Promoted Listings Lite service through the resulting ad fee on your monthly invoice. We are working hard to create a simple way to track your metrics for future versions!

  • Where do my ads appear?

    The listings you choose to promote may appear on various prominent placements across eBay throughout the buyer's shopping journey, including on the search results page and related items modules on the eBay platforms in the country where you are registered (US) and are limited to that site alone.

    Your ads may appear:

    1. On both desktop and mobile search results desktop-mob-search
    2. On premium placements within search results premium-placements
    3. On premium placements on related items module related-items
  • Why should I promote my listing when I'm already using eBay's recommended price guidance?

    Applying the recommended price guidance for your listings remains an important best practice. Promoting your listings gives you the opportunity to improve its visibility and help your items sell faster by having them show up in high impact placements on eBay.

  • What ad rate am I charged if a buyer clicks multiple times on my ad at different times?

    We charge the ad rate that was active for the first click we can attribute to this buyer within the 30 day window.

    If a buyer clicks on your ad before you revise the ad rate and then buys the promoted listing after you revise the ad rate, then you are charged the ad rate before you revised it.

    If a buyer clicks on your ad before you revise the ad rate (first click), then clicks on your ad again after you revise the ad rate (second click), and finally buys the promoted listing (purchase)—and each action (first click, second click, and purchase) occurs within the 30 day window— then you are charged the ad rate in effect at the time of the first click.

    In the above example, if the first click is outside of the 30 day window, then you are charged the ad rate in effect at the time of the second click, because the second click and purchase are both within the 30 day window.

    If a buyer clicks on your ad before you revise the ad rate, but then 30 days pass before the buyer buys the promoted listing. Even if you revised the ad rate at some point, you won’t be charged the ad rate because 30 days have passed.

  • If I accept a Best Offer price for an item, what fee do you charge?

    If you accept a Best Offer price for an item, we only charge an ad fee based on the Best Offer price.

Business sellers

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*Based on data from May through June, 2016. Measured on 40,000 listings that had sales before they were promoted and had promoted listing sales after they were promoted.

**Only listings created or revised through Quick Listing Tool are eligible. Sellers can promote fixed-price listings in all categories except Motors, Real Estate & Travel. Listings must be priced around price guidance. Auction and Auction Buy It Now listings are not eligible at this time. Not applicable to below standard sellers.