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Tips for taking photos that sell

Appearances matter, and these pointers can make your items look like a million bucks for both desktop and mobile buyers.


Tip #1: Use a plain, uncluttered backdrop to make your item stand out.

Woman hanging a whiteboard

Tip #2: Turn off the flash and use soft, diffused lighting.

Camera on tripod

Tip #3: Keep things steady. Use a tripod.

green purse

Tip #4: Take high-resolution photos so your item will look attractive on screens big and small.

Green dress

Tip #5: Fill the frame with your item.


Tip #6: Photograph your item from all angles, and capture its details and blemishes.


Tip #7: Show the scale of your item.

bracelet red

Tip #8: Capture the natural colors of your item. No filters necessary.

orange purse

Tip #9: Include some detailed close-up shots.


Tip #10: Avoid using props.

eBay's Photography Guide

Fashion Photography 101

Show buyers the picture-perfect outfit they're looking for.

Tip #1: Show the fit.

Show buyers what your item will look like on them by using a model, dress form, or mannequin rather than a hanger or by laying it on a flat surface.

Tip #2: Show it all.

Photograph all angles and include close-ups of patterns, trims, hardware, or textured materials.

Tip #3: Don't hide wear and tear.

Show any wear, tear, blemishes, or defects so buyers know what to expect when they buy your item.

Tip #4: Shoot shoes from different angles.

Buyers want to see the front, top, sides, and bottom of shoes.

Tip #5: Display handbags inside and out.

Savvy handbag shoppers want to see the interior, exterior, front and bottom of your bag, including its lining and tags.

Tip #6: Include the tags and labels.

Photograph labels and tags. If the clothing item is still in its box, take shots of that too.

Mobile Phone Photography

Get a professional look with your cell phone.

1. Keep the lens clean.

Use lens cleaning solution with a soft cloth or even a T-shirt in a pinch.

2. Check your settings.

Make sure your camera is set to the highest resolution.

3. Turn off the flash.

Shadows, reflections, and greyness will make your photos less attractive.

4. Minimize camera movement.

Place the camera on a flat surface to keep the photo crisp.

5. Consider third-party camera apps.

Many allow you to capture more detailed photos and edit them.

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Photo requirements

Listings with better photo quality are 5% more likely to sell*. These requirements will help you get there.

Every listing must have at least one photo.

If your item is something that can't be photographed, like a vacation package or a home-improvement service, browse the Internet for copyright-free images you can use with your listing.

Meet the minimum photo size.

eBay requires a minimum of 500 pixels for an image's longest side. Most cameras and camera phones will exceed this minimum, and bigger is better!

Don't use borders.

Borders aren't allowed on any item photos, except if it's a natural border created by photographing your square or rectangular item against a neutral backdrop.

Don't add text or artwork.

No text or artwork, like "Free Shipping" or seller logos, may be added to photos. Use the title, subtitle, and description box to include details of your item.

Use stock photos only for brand-new items.

Stock photos cannot be used for pre-owned items. Catalog images are acceptable, but not as the primary photo for pre-owned items except those in the Books, Movies, Music, or Video Game categories.

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*Likelihood to sell based on an eBay study that reviewed 6.8 million listings that resulted in an increase in 4.5% more sales over this period; "better photo quality" defined as photos that measure 500 or greater pixels on the longest side, do not have added text or graphics, and are uploaded to eBay picture service. Individual results may vary and results assume that sellers do not increase the item price while making these changes.