Listing Best Practices

From picture taking tips to pricing guidance—here's what you need to list, sell, and score more cash.

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Our selling guidance is available within the sell flow to help you keep these best practices in mind.

Best practices

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  • Use quality photos

    High-quality pictures encourage your customers' confidence. Follow our photo-taking tips for inspiration and help.

  • Write clear descriptions

    Include detailed product descriptions with brand names, styles, and model numbers. Make sure to include unique qualities and potential flaws.

  • Use accurate item specifics

    When you select item specifics for your listings, provide as many recommended item specifics as possible and choose from the options we provide.

  • Choose the right listing format

    Decide whether auction-style or fixed-price is right for you.

    • What is Auction-style?
      Choose a starting price and your customers can place bids. When the auction ends, the highest bidder buys the item at that price.
    • What is Buy-It-Now?
      For fixed-price listings, your customers know the exact price they need to pay for your item and can purchase it immediately. No bidding required.
    • List using both
      You can add a Buy-It-Now option to an Auction-style listing. Your buyers can either purchase your item immediately or place a bid.
  • Price competitively

    Not sure where to start on pricing? Our guidance is based on similar items sold during the previous 90 days.

  • Allow offers

    Buyers can make offers on your item and you can choose to accept or decline them, or make a counteroffer.

  • Share your listing

    Increase your reach and share what you're listing with your social communities.

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