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  • Bulk listing tools

    The ecommerce world moves fast, and when you've got a lot of active listings you want to be able to make changes to them quickly. eBay makes it easy to edit up to 500 live listings at a time so you can keep moving.

    What you can change in your listing depends on the listing format you've chosen (fixed price or auction), the time until the listing closes, and whether an item has received bids or sold.

    One thing that you can't change under almost any circumstance is the listing format. You're also limited in the types of changes you can make to listings with outstanding Best Offers on them, so answer all outstanding best offers before you try editing a listing.

    Read more about what you can and can't edit (and when).

  • Choosing the right editing tool

    Bulk editing and revision in My eBay

    To edit multiple live listings at once, follow these steps

    • Click My eBay at the top of any eBay page. You may be asked to sign in.
    • In the left column, click Sell.
    • Click the Edit button, and your listings will appear in a spreadsheet-type form.
    • Click the boxes you want to change, such as title or price, and make your changes.
    • Preview how a listing will appear by clicking on the magnifying glass icon on the right side of the spreadsheet.
    • Click Submit all at the bottom of the page, then click Confirm and submit or Cancel to go back and make more changes. It's here that you'll see if you've incurred any new fees following the changes.

    Learn more by watching a brief video on editing listings in bulk.

    To edit your return policy, follow these steps

    • Click My eBay at the top of any eBay page. You may be asked to sign in.
    • In the left column, click Sell.
    • Check the box beside listings you want to edit.
    • Click the Edit button, and your listings will appear in a spreadsheet-type form.
    • From the Edit dropdown menu at the top of the page, choose Return policy. A pop-up window will appear which will allow you to change
      • whether or not you accept returns. Remember that even if you choose not to accept returns, buyers may still request a return if an item doesn't match its description.
      • the return timeframe. Choose 14, 30, or 60 days.
      • how the refund will be issued. Choose from money back, replacement, or exchange.
      • who pays for return shipping. Consider offering free shipping to attract more buyers. Alternatively, you can specify circumstances when the buyer pays return shipping.
    • Click Submit all at the bottom of the page, then click Confirm and submit or Cancel to go back and make more changes. It's here that you'll see if you've incurred any new fees following your changes.
  • Selling Manager and Selling Manager Pro

    These tools use the bulk editing tool located in My eBay to make changes to your listings through Selling Manager and Selling Manager Pro subscribers can edit both scheduled and live listings at the same time, in addition to being able to filter your listings by format type.

    Find out more about how Selling Manager and Selling Manager Pro can help you sell more with less effort.

Third-party editing tools

World-class developers have created a range of programs to help sellers manage and edit listings. Many tools can handle thousands of listings at a time. See what's available on our Apps Center. Please note there may be costs associated with these solutions.


Getting error messages back when you try to bulk edit your listings? Try these tips:

  1. Start simple. Read the error or alert message to see which listings aren't working. Submit the listings that are working, then go back to correct the error on the remaining ones.
  2. Double check. Are you trying to edit a field you're not allowed to edit? Trying to edit an auction listing within 12 hours of auction end? Have outstanding Best Offers on a listing? These are some of the most common errors in bulk editing. Learn more about what you can and can't edit (and when).
  3. Compliance with eBay changes. If you're editing an older Good 'Til Cancelled listing, that listing may not be fully in compliance with more recent changes to eBay policies. A common problem is listings that mention check or money order as payment methods, though these are no longer accepted. Edit the listing to bring it into compliance with new requirements. Read more about the latest changes in the Seller Center.
  4. Narrow it down. Try cutting down the number of fields or listings you are trying to edit at once, which will help you find what's causing the problem.
  5. Ask for help. Have you checked out eBay discussion boards? There are boards for most eBay-owned tools, where you can search for answers to questions from people who've faced the same dilemmas as you or ask your own question. Third-party tools often host their own boards as well. You can also contact eBay for assistance with eBay-owned tools. For assistance with third-party tools, please contact the third-party developer directly.

eBay listing tools

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  • Single Listing Tool

    Create and manage single listings with just a few clicks of the mouse.

    This is ideal for sellers who don't list a lot of items at once.

    Inventory volume: Low Technical Difficulty: Easy

  • Multiple Listing Tool

    Want to list large amounts of inventory efficiently? Create and edit multiple listings at once.

    Inventory volume: Medium Technical Difficulty: Easy

  • Seller Hub

    Discover the streamlined way to build and run your eBay business.

    Designed for professional sellers, Seller Hub puts all the tools and insights you'll need into one easy-to-use place.

    Inventory volume: All Technical Difficulty: Easy

  • Selling Manager Pro

    Sell more (and more efficiently) by better managing inventory, learning from monthly sales reports, and automating feedback, listing, and relisting.

    Inventory volume: High Technical Difficulty: Easy

  • eBay File Exchange

    Upload and manage your inventory easily and efficiently in CSV or tab-delimited files.

    If you use a third-party inventory application and need to upload the information to eBay, this tool is for you.

    Inventory volume: High Technical Difficulty: Intermediate

  • Merchant Integration Platform

    We've got high-volume small-business and enterprise merchants covered.

    Merchant Integration Platform is a feed-based platform that lets you upload your inventory in bulk, then quickly and efficiently create listings and manage orders.

    Inventory volume: High Technical Difficulty: Advanced

  • Trading APIs

    eBay API's enable Certified Partners to integrate seamlessly with the eBay marketplace.

    Inventory volume: High Technical Difficulty: Advanced

  • Large Merchant Services

    Leverage eBay's robust IT infrastructure and reduce demands on your network bandwidth by shifting the processing burden of very large inventories from your servers to ours.

    Inventory volume: High Technical Difficulty: Advanced

File Exchange

Getting started

eBay File Exchange allows sellers to quickly upload and manage listings.

  1. Select a template from the eBay File Exchange Center. The template you select depends on the category in which you want to list your items.
    • If you plan to list items with ISBN or UPC codes, use the "Catalog listing template." This template uses ISBN and UPC codes to automatically pre-fill item details.
  2. Download the template to your computer.
  3. Open the template on your computer. The Excel file has additional notes to help you complete the template.
  4. Fill in the template. Complete all the required fields.
  5. Save the template in the CSV (comma-separated values) or tab-delimited file format.
  6. Upload the template to eBay. Make sure to upload the .csv or tab-delimited file.
  7. Review the upload status and results and fix any problems. The upload status and results appears on the View Upload Results page. You may need to upload the file again.
Instructions and resources
  • What type of changes can I make to my listings?

    Sellers can upload files which add, revise, relist, and end listings. Sellers can end their Stores’ listings and create them in another format to move inventory out of their Stores. They can also perform some basic post-sale management tasks such as leaving feedback or identifying items for which they have received payment or shipped to the buyer.

  • Can I use eBay File Exchange to list on eBay’s international sites?

    The following eBay sites support eBay File Exchange: US, Canada, Germany, UK, France, Italy, Spain, Taiwan, and Austria. Before using eBay File Exchange on these international sites, visit the individual country or region sites to create custom eBay File Exchange templates for those sites.

  • Are eBay File Exchange listings eligible for listing day promotions?

    Generally, any eBay File Exchange listing action that is completed before the end of a promotion will be eligible for the promotion. Sellers can use the data files to specify a time and date when the listing request should be completed or cancelled that coincides with the end of the promotion. However, you should double check the terms for each promotion to confirm that your listings are eligible.

  • What data file characteristics are required?

    The data file should be submitted in CSV (comma-separated values) format. This CSV format is compatible with Microsoft Excel. The file must be no larger than 15 MB and cannot exceed the maximum number of listing requests that the seller is allowed during a 24-hour period.

  • What information is required in the data file?

    Sellers must specify the action requested (add, revise, relist, end), ISBN or UPC eBay category ID, and normal eBay listing-related details such as listing format (Auction-style, Fixed Price) and seller features (Bold, etc.). For specific information on the data file format, please refer to the eBay File Exchange User Guide, which is accessible to eBay File Exchange sellers.

  • Does the eBay File Exchange data file format work with other eBay selling tools?

    At this time, the eBay File Exchange data file format cannot be used with the import function that is part of the other eBay seller tools.

  • Where can I get the eBay File Exchange template?

    Once you have an eBay File Exchange account, go to your account page to download and populate an eBay File Exchange template.

  • How do I send eBay the data file?

    You can upload your data files from your account page interactively or programmatically via scripts. Please see the eBay File Exchange User Guide for more information regarding these options.

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