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The new Advanced listing tool: Frequently asked questions

What’s new about the Advanced listing tool?
The Advanced listing tool has been available to Seller Hub users for some time now, and we are happy to announce that it’s now available to all eBay sellers. We’ve included several new features to help you easily list and sell your items:
  • Upload photos in the background while completing your listing form
  • Create multi-variation listings with fewer clicks
  • Streamlined design
Why is eBay changing the listing tool?

We're always looking to simplify the listing process and make it possible to items in fewer steps.

Sellers who have switched to the new Advanced listing tool now list faster and see higher sales. We’re continuing to improve the tool based on seller feedback.

Some features are missing. Where are they?
We have discontinued a few features including: Visitor counter, Photo watermarks, and Listing designer.
What happened to the Visitor counter?
Usage of Visitor counter has been on the decline and has not been shown to improve selling success. Instead of including this tool, we’ve decided to focus on other features that are likely to make a greater impact on sales.
What happened to Photo watermarks?
Usage of Photo watermarks has been on the decline and has not been shown to improve selling success. Additionally, we’ve changed the image and text theft policy, which eliminates the need to include photo watermarks.
What happened to the Listing designer?
We are not including the Listing designer because usage has been declining and it has not been shown to positively impact selling success. Instead, we are focusing on enhancing other features, which have proven to help items sell. Sellers can modify the appearance of their listing with the new Advanced listing tool.
What is "Prefill this listing with eBay catalog info"?
Check this and we’ll fill in your product description and item specifics using details from eBay’s catalog. Or, you can uncheck the box to add your own description and item specifics.
What happened to my templates?

Previously created templates do not carry over to the new Advanced listing tool, but you can re-create these templates in a few steps:

  1. Relist or revise a listing that you’d like to use as a template
  2. Click Save as a template on the confirmation page

To make the listing process fast and easy, you can now save up to 50 templates.

Why can't I list in certain categories?

Currently there are a few categories that are not supported by the new Advanced listing tool:

  • Real Estate
  • eBay Classifieds

Why isn't my standard information pre-filled?
You’ll only have to fill in your information the first time you use the tool. From there, we’ll save it and pre-fill your details for future use.
Why are there fewer options to edit my description?
Over half of all buyers use a mobile device to shop on eBay. We recommend only basic formatting to make listings easy to read on mobile. To find additional formatting options, click Advanced.
How can I give feedback about the tool?
We love hearing your feedback about what’s working and what can be improved. Use the Send us your feedback link in the listing tool to send in your suggestions.
I would like to go back to my old listing tool.

Unfortunately, we will no longer support the old listing tool. The new Advanced listing tool will be supported with all of the new site updates and policies.

All features should be available in the new tool including templates and support for multi-variation listings and Business policies, with more features to come. If you wish to request more features, please send us your suggestions using the Send us your feedback link in the tool.