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Seller Checklist

Starting Now
Required for all sellers:
Make sure all your Good 'Til Cancelled listings include your return policy and handling time or starting September 22 they may be blocked from renewal.

Required for eBay Top-rated seller status, coming in October:
Remove any reference to buyer purchase of shipping insurance and make sure all your listings are in compliance with the new Selling Practices policy.

Take advantage of the new bulk editing functionality to optimize your multi-quantity Fixed Price listings for the new Best Match when it launches in September.
Watch the Seller Dashboard for changes in your number of 1s and 2s DSRs updated on a daily basis, starting in October. This will help you adjust business practices and help you qualify for the new eBay Top-rated seller status when it launches in October.
Start uploading tracking information for additional carriers.
If you sell items that are essential to insure and you need to recoup the cost of shipping insurance, consider adding it to your item price or shipping cost. Starting in September, optional buyer insurance will no longer be available in the listing flow.
Opt in for the automated unpaid items process starting to roll out in September and available to all sellers by the holiday season. Sign in to My eBay or Selling Manager and choose Site Preferences from the Account Tab. As soon as it's available there will be a link under Selling Preferences.
Find out if your listings are impacted by Category and Item Specifics changes.
Add your product images to the growing eBay product catalogs. It's easy and you get a link to your MyWorld page whenever your photo is used by a product catalog.
Start using FREE Selling Manager so you can take advantage of the new applications coming in August. Consider upgrading to Selling Manager Pro.

In October
Required for all sellers
Make sure any new Auction-style with Buy it Now listings on or after October 1 include a Buy It Now price at least 10% higher than your auction start price.

Required for eBay Top-rated seller status:
If you meet all the requirements for eBay Top-rated seller status, and you are not already a PowerSeller, watch your email for an invitation and join the program. Opting in to the PowerSeller is required for eBay Top-rated seller status and all the benefits: 20% fee discount, advantage in Best Match search results for your Fixed Price listings, the ability to use Featured First, and a prominent Top-rated seller badge on your item pages.

In November and December:
Stock up, list your items, and enjoy the best, most profitable holiday selling season ever!!

Find out how eBay's listing edit and relist tools make it fast and easy to make changes to your listings.