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Award‑winning protection in every box

eBay has partnered with Allstate to include a powerful warranty with every eBay Refurbished product. So you’re covered in the event your item breaks or malfunctions.

  Certified Refurbished Excellent Very Good Good
Warranty length Two year One year One year One year
Appearance Pristine, like-new Like new Minimal wear Moderate wear
Refurbished by Manufacturer (or authorized reseller) Quality-vetted seller Quality-vetted seller Quality-vetted seller
  • Certified Refurbished

    • Warranty length Two year
      Appearance Pristine, like-new
      Refurbished by Manufacturer (or authorized reseller)
  • Excellent

    • Warranty length One year
      Appearance Like new
      Refurbished by Quality-vetted seller
  • Very Good

    • Warranty length One year
      Appearance Minimal wear
      Refurbished by Quality-vetted seller
  • Good

    • Warranty length One year
      Appearance Moderate wear
      Refurbished by Quality-vetted seller

All the ways we’ve
got your back

Our warranty provides extensive coverage and support you can trust to help make things right.

  • Award‑winning warranty
  • Coverage for product breakdowns and malfunctions
  • 100% parts and labor coverage with no deductibles
  • Online claims 24/7
  • Fast repairs or replacement

For more details on your coverage, contact Allstate Protection Plans for help.

Please click here to read the full Terms & Conditions of the warranty contract.

Getting your product repaired or replaced is a breeze

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File a claim at Allstate Protection Plans anytime, 24/7. Have your receipt and covered item with you.

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Many claims are approved instantly. In other cases, a specialist will guide you through the next steps.

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We’ll repair your item. If we can’t repair it, we’ll send you a replacement or reimburse you for one.

Shop smart with eBay Refurbished

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What is eBay Refurbished?

All products in the eBay Refurbished program follow a strict set of item and seller standards. Certified Refurbished is the top tier of our conditions and includes a two-year warranty serviced by Allstate. Excellent, Very Good and Good item conditions offer a spectrum of value and include a one-year warranty serviced by Allstate. Learn more about the program.

Do I need to register my Allstate-backed warranty provided by eBay?

Your warranty is automatically registered with Allstate at the time of purchase. The warranty is included with the purchase of an eBay Refurbished item and you will receive a separate email with details of your warranty.

What if I didn’t receive a confirmation email from eBay with my warranty details?

The eBay Refurbished badge can act as proof of warranty when paired with a receipt. If you need to file a claim, contact Allstate directly and be prepared with the following: item receipt (including order number), order confirmation email showing the eBay Refurbished badge, and a link to the original listing.

Do I need to purchase an eBay Refurbished warranty?

It is not possible to purchase this warranty as it is included at no extra cost with the purchase of an eBay Refurbished product. To get an eBay Refurbished warranty, you must purchase an eligible eBay Refurbished item.

How long does the eBay Refurbished warranty coverage last?

For Certified Refurbished items, the warranty coverage will last two years from the date of purchase. For Excellent, Very Good, and Good refurbished items, the warranty coverage will last one year from the date of purchase. Allstate will service all warranty claims directly.

How do I transfer my warranty to another person?

If your item was purchased as a gift or you need to transfer your warranty to another name for any reason, please contact Allstate directly.

What personal data is being shared with Allstate?

Your email is shared with Allstate so that they can register the warranty coverage on your behalf, starting on the date of item purchase. This will provide you with a seamless and a faster claims registration process.

What is not covered by the eBay Refurbished warranty?

  • Products not purchased in the United States
  • Products purchased for commercial use
  • Any defects or damages caused by accessories, replacement parts, or repair service other than those that have been authorized by Warrantor
  • Accidental and intentional damage
  • Normal wear and tear, corrosion, rust, stain, age, or products damaged due to any improper or discouraged use, mishandling, negligence, excessive wear and tear
  • Products where the product number model or serial number has been removed, replaced, altered, or rendered illegible
  • Products that have been damaged as a result of having been altered, modified and repaired in any way not expressly authorized in the instruction manual provided by Warrantor
  • Cosmetic damage
  • Products that have been damaged directly or indirectly from the use of a third-party product
  • Products damaged as a result of acts of nature
  • Products damaged as a result of connection to irregular current or voltage sources, or use on electric, current, or voltage other than that marked on the product, or any instruction book
  • Products without a valid proof of purchase

How do I file an eBay Refurbished warranty claim?

You can file a claim 24/7 by accessing the “My Warranties” section of the Allstate website. You can also easily view and manage your plan. Should you need to file a claim within the coverage period, sign in using your email address associated with your eBay account and your order details should be available. Still have questions? Visit Allstate’s Help page.

What if I have more questions about the eBay Refurbished warranty?

See full Terms & Conditions of the Warranty Contract, or contact SquareTrade, an Allstate Company, at There are agents available 24/7 that are always happy to assist you.