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New to eBay Stores
• What's an eBay Store

• Why Open a Store

• Subscriptions and Fees

• Subscription Guide

eBay Stores Toolkit
• Overview

• Build Your Store

   - Anatomy of a Store

   - Custom Store Header

• Manage Your Sales

   - Listing Strategies

   - Markdown Manager

• Promote Your Store

• Track Your Success

• Checklist for Success

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eBay Stores Education
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• Stores News Group

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Getting Started

Get an overview of all the rich features available with your eBay Stores subscription. Learn about Store design and customization, along with powerful tools for promoting your Store and tracking your success.

• Overview of Store Features
Build and Customize Your Store

Design and create a professional, customized look and add Custom Pages to your Store.

• Branding Your eBay Store 
• How to Design and Customize Your Store

• Stores Customization
• Managing Store Categories
Managing Store Inventory

Learn how to take full advantage of the benefits of Store Inventory-an exclusive listing format for eBay Stores subscribers.

• Managing Store Inventory
• How to use Markdown Manager
• What Markdown Manager Can Do For You

More Help:
• Store Inventory Overview
• Editing Listings in Bulk
• Sending Store Inventory to
  Other Listing Formats
Promote Your Store

Use the marketing and merchandising tools included with your eBay Stores subscription. Create a unique brand and drive traffic to your Store.

• How to Promote Your Store Animated Tour
• What Email Marketing Can Do For You
• What the Store Listing Frame Can Do For You
• What Cross Promotions Can Do For You

• Cross-Promotions
• Email Marketing
Track Your Success with Store Traffic Reports

Learn how to get the information you need to improve your selling strategy and grow your business.

• How to Use Store Traffic Reports Tour

• Store Traffic Reports

Drive more buyers to visit your eBay Store
Learn more about the tools that can help you increase your Store visibility.
Increase Your Store Traffic
Send professional looking email newsletters to buyers and trigger repeat sales with Stores Email Marketing. Learn more
Create a Sale today!
Use Markdown Manager to offer discounted pricing to your buyers! You decide what goes on Sale - and when. Learn More