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Checklist for Success
To maximize the success of your Store, take advantage of all the powerful tools and features offered with your eBay Stores subscription and by eBay. 

Review and understand the Anatomy of a Store
Customize your Display Settings
Create and organize up to 300 Store Categories
Build your brand with Custom Pages
Highlight items with Promotion Boxes
Add the Stores Listing Frame to your listings
Customize Checkout and Payment Information
Brand and merchandise with a Custom Store Header
Build your brand in minutes with our Quick Store Set-up
Spruce up your Store at the eBay Stores Design Center

Review How to Sell and understand Listing Formats
Determine your Listing Strategy
Attract more buyers by offering discounted pricing on your items with Markdown Manager.
Get paid fast with PayPal
List in bulk with Turbolister2
Manage sales with Selling Manager (FREE with a Basic Store - reg. $4.99/month)
Automate your selling with Selling Manager Pro (FREE with Premium and Anchor Stores - reg. $15.99/month)
Save time and money with Picture Manager (FREE with Anchor Stores, $5 off any tier with a Premium Store - reg. $9.99-$24.99/month)
Speed through bookkeeping with Accounting Assistant-great for QuickBooks® users
Simplify shipping with services at the Shipping Center

Promote your Store in all buyer communication (email, listings, etc.)
Save 75% on Final Value Fees with Store Referral Credit
On eBay
Review and optimize your Listing Strategy
Steer more buyers to your Store with the Stores Listing Frame
Activate and control Cross-Promotions
Create promotional links with the HTML Builder tool
On The Web
Optimize for search and increase Web traffic with Search Engine Keywords
Trigger repeat sales with Email Marketing (Note: Number of FREE monthly emails increases with subscription level)
List on comparison shopping sites using Listing Feeds
Generate additional exposure by showcasing your listing off eBay using eBay Stores To Go
Create Promotional Flyers and include with shipments
Enhance your brand with downloadable collateral templates

Optimize your Store with Traffic Reports
Track and analyze sales with eBay Sales Reports

  Check out the eBay Stores Design Center
Learn more about designing an attractive eBay Store.
  Increase Your Store Traffic
Send professional looking email newsletters to buyers and trigger repeat sales with Stores Email Marketing.Learn more

Apply these tips now