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Stores Glossary

Stores A to Z

Anchor Store: An advanced solution for high-volume sellers who want maximum exposure on eBay.
Basic Store: An easy-to-use and affordable ecommerce solution for sellers who are just starting out.
Cross-Promotions tools allow Store subscribers the opportunity to show additional items from their store to buyers at various points along the shopping experience.
Custom Store Header is your own banner on your Store that can be used to brand your Store and further enhance the buyer experience.
Listing Frame allows sellers to automatically "frame" their listing description with a special version of their eBay Store header and category navigation.
Domain Registration allows you to register your own domain name (for example, by signing up with a third-party vendor.
Email Marketing enables Store subscribers to send targeted email newsletters to attract and retain buyers.
Listings Feeds: eBay can make a file of information about your Store Inventory listings available for third-parties to download to help drive traffic to your listings. Also, you can distribute your listings directly to buyers by making them available via Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds.
Markdown Manager enables eBay Stores subscribers to offer discounted pricing to their buyers and then promote the savings. Discounts can be applied to Store Inventory or Fixed Priced listings.
Good Til Cancelled Listing is a listing feature that will automatically renew itself every 30 days until it is sold or until you end it.
Premium Store: A more comprehensive solution for sellers who want to aggressively grow their online business.

Promotion Boxes
are flexible, customizable displays for your Store pages that can be used for a variety of purposes, such as highlighting featured items, announcing specials, or providing alternative ways for buyers to browse in your Store.
Selling Manager Pro is eBay's online listing and sales management tool for medium to high volume sellers. Anchor and Featured Stores receive a free subscription to Selling Manager Pro (a $15.99/month value).
Store Categories allow sellers to create up to 300 custom categories with up to three levels of categories and sub-categories.
Store Inventory is an additional listing format available ONLY to eBay Store sellers. The Store Inventory listing format has a longer duration and lower Insertion Fees but provides limited visibility. Learn more about Store Inventory Insertion and Final Value fees.
Store Referral Credit is a program that enables Store subscribers to receive 75% off Final Value Fees when they drive off-eBay traffic to their Store.
Traffic Reports are reports detailing the traffic activity of your Store. Traffic Reports are available to all Store sellers FREE with their subscription.
Vacation Hold allows you to put your listings "on hold" when you're away and add messaging to your listings to let buyers know when you'll return.
Your Storefront refers to your eBay Store.