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United Parcel Service®

Sell and ship around the globe with eBay and UPS

Save time, money and effort with the UPS Savings Program for eBay Sellers


Save up to 34% off standard UPS shipping rates

Free UPS shipping supplies

Up to $100 shipping insurance at no additional cost


Over 3,000 nationwide UPS Store™

Over 68,000 drop-off and retail access points

Easy to schedule parcel pick-up services

Flexible Options

Full range of US domestic shipping options

Delivery to over 200 countries

Integrated eCommerce solutions for growing businesses


Save up to 34%* through the UPS Savings Program for eBay Sellers

Whether you're a first-time eBay seller or run an established eBay store, UPS makes shipping a breeze. Take advantage of deeply discounted prices for domestic and international shipping, free UPS branded shipping supplies and automatic insurance coverage up to $100 when you enroll in the UPS Savings Program for eBay Sellers.

To receive the special, discounted rate on UPS shipments, take the following steps:

  • Enroll in the UPS Savings Program using your eBay SellerID. Note: if you don't already have a UPS account - you can register for one at the same time you sign up.It's fast and easy.
  • Once you’ve registered, UPS will send your account number via email.
  • Log into your new UPS account and link it to your eBay seller account. This last step will enable you to purchase and print discounted UPS shipping labels on
  • Questions? Learn more about eBay and UPS accounts.

Remember, when you ship with UPS, you’ll need to access your UPS account to purchase and print your UPS label after your item has sold. You’ll also use your UPS account whenever you need to order free UPS branded shipping supplies.

Sample UPS savings:

Service: UPS Retail
Minimum eBay seller
Discounted Rates:
3 lb. package shipped UPS Ground to residential address $15.41 $14.80 4%
15 lb. package shipped via UPS Ground to residential address $36.10 $22.80 37%
32 lb. package shipped via UPS Ground to non-residential address $68.65 $33.16 52%
5 lb. package shipped via UPS 3 Day Select to residential $43.16 $34.19 21%
2 lbs. package shipped via UPS Next Day Air to residential address $85.78 $69.96 18%

Sample is for illustration purposes only; your shipping costs may vary depending on location and shipping service. Click here for details.

Shipping Options

UPS®: Guaranteed shipping that covers the world

UPS takes package delivery to the next level through advanced shipping technologies, local accessibility, global delivery reach and integrated shipping platforms. Whether you need your package delivered the next day or next week, UPS has a service that fits your needs.

Keep in mind that whichever shipping service you choose it should reflect the stated handling and shipping time from your listing. For example, if your item stated a 3 day shipping & handling time, make sure to choose the service that guarantees it will arrive on time. Still need help? In most cases, eBay will provide additional shipping guidance when you list your item to help you choose the best shipping option.


Print. Pack. Ship. UPS makes it easy

As a global leader in shipping technology, UPS makes it easy for eBay sellers to manage all aspects of shipping’from purchasing postage to guaranteed delivery.

  • Purchase and print your shipping label on
  • Pack and ship your package at one of 3,000 The UPS Store™ locations, or
  • Drop your package at one of the 68,000 UPS drop-off and retail access points
  • Schedule a pickup for up to 20 packages at a time (restrictions apply)
  • Get detailed UPS tracking information 24 hours a day through your UPS or eBay account
  • Use UPS Quantum View® to view and deliver shipping updates to your buyers

Remember, if you’re packing your item yourself, pre-order free UPS shipping supplies to expedite your handling time. And if you have an eBay store or are trying to grow your business, visit UPS Ready® Solutions to learn how UPS can help you boost shipping efficiencies and streamline customer service after the sale.


Peace of mind for you and your buyers

Your domestic and international UPS packages are automatically protected against loss or damage with automatic insurance up to $100. But occasionally, you may need a little more coverage for higher value items. In these cases, the amount of insurance you need is based on declared value coverage’or how much your item is worth.

Here's how it works

After your item sells, simply input the value of your item (what it sold for) when prompted during the label printing process. If your item’s value is under $100, shipping insurance is automatically included at no extra cost’there’s nothing further for you to do. If your item is valued at over $100, you’ll be given the option to add declared value coverage, which will then be added to your total label cost on

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