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Your two-year Allstate warranty

Certified Refurbished purchases are covered for product breakdowns and malfunctions, giving you peace of mind.

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Warranty details

SquareTrade is a subdivision of Allstate. As you submit your claims, you may come across SquareTrade branded content and materials.

Your warranty plan includes:

  • Two years of warranty coverage starting from the date of purchase
  • Coverage for product breakdowns and malfunctions during normal use
  • No deductibles or hidden fees
  • Fast repairs or replacements
  • Easy online claims available 24/7
  • For more warranty details see here
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What makes an item Certified Refurbished?

Products in the Certified Refurbished program follow a strict set of seller standards and come with a two-year Allstate warranty. Click here to learn more about our Certified Refurbished program.

Why did I get a Certified Refurbished warranty?

All eligible eBay Certified Refurbished items come with a 2-year warranty that starts on the date of purchase. The warranty is included with the purchase of the item.

How do I purchase a Certified Refurbished warranty?

It is not possible to purchase a warranty separately as it is included at no extra cost with the purchase of a Certified Refurbished item. To get a Certified Refurbished warranty you simply purchase an eligible Certified Refurbished item.

How long does coverage last?

Warranty coverage lasts two years starting on the date of purchase. SquareTrade, an Allstate Company, will service all warranty claims on behalf of the eBay seller.

When does coverage start?

Your warranty begins on the date you purchased your Certified Refurbished item.

What is excluded from Certified Refurbished Warranty coverage?

Please refer to the details of the contract for the full list, but there are five notable exclusions to your coverage:

  1. Accidental Damage: Accidental damage, like cracked screens and liquid damage, is not covered.
  2. Normal Wear and Tear: Damage or item failures due to normal wear and tear, including corrosion, rust, stains, and age, are not covered.
  3. Accessories and Consumer Replaceable Parts: Accessories and parts that are meant to be replaced by the consumer, such as batteries and ink cartridges, are not covered.
  4. Cosmetic Damage: Cosmetic damage, like scratches or small dents that do not affect the functionality of the item are not covered
  5. Commercial Use & Non-Authorized Use: Items that are used for commercial purposes, or items that have been altered, modified, or repaired in any way not expressly authorized in the item’s instruction manual, are not covered.
  6. For further details, please see the Terms & Conditions of your warranty.

How do I file a claim?

You can file a claim anytime 24/7 at

What if I have more questions?

Please click here to read the full Terms & Conditions of the Warranty Contract, or contact SquareTrade Allstate at 1-877-WARRANTY. They are available 24/7 and an agent is always happy to assist you.

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