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Shipping Zone

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The U.S. Postal Service® and eBay have teamed up to help you attract more buyers. Let buyers choose from a variety of USPS® shipping services, offer shipping insurance, and take advantage of eBay's Shipping Calculator.

Shipping Calculator

eBay's free Shipping Calculator allows buyers to view shipping costs for their location. When you list your item using the Sell Your Item form or TurboLister, the Shipping Calculator can automatically provide shipping costs based on the buyer's ZIP Code™ and package details (weight, shipping service, etc.).

Blue and white Depiction of two computer screens. The first screen is entitled Enter Your Zip Code and the Destination Zip Code and has a bubble on the computer screen on the top right column which is magnified in a bubble to indicate where this would be done. The second screen is called Compare results and view which option is best for you! This one has a zoomed in bubble in the middle of the left column.

Shipping Services & Costs

USPS offers a wide variety of shipping services. So, you can give your buyers more choices, including international shipping, expedited delivery, insurance, and more.

Blue and white depiction of a computer screen entitled Choose between flat and calculated shipping services and up to 3 services for Domestic and International service. It has a bubble zooming in to the top left part of the screen where there appears to be a list box or similar control.

Domestic Shipping
Choose eBay's Shipping Calculator to automatically provide shipping costs for buyers based on their address. Or, specify a flat cost for up to three shipping services.

Domestic shipping services include:

Priority Mail Flat Rate Boxes and Envelopes
Service is one price–regardless of weight–for delivery anywhere in the U.S. (70lb limit). Just print a Priority Mail Flat Rate shipping label and affix it to a Priority Mail Flat Rate Box or Envelope. (A Priority Mail Flat Rate Box or Envelope must be used for this service.) USPS Delivery Confirmation™ is included.

International Shipping
You can also select up to three international shipping services in addition to your domestic selections. (Show calculated rates or flat rates, based on which you select for domestic shipping options.)

International shipping services include:

Shipping Insurance

Offer buyers the option to purchase shipping insurance for lost, missing, or damaged items. Purchase it online or through the Post Office™. Priority Mail services offer up to $50 of insurance for free and additional coverage through eBay Labels is also available up to $500 (only for domestic services). Domestic coverage is available up to $5,000 at Post Offices and on®. International coverage is available up to $5,000 at Post Offices and up to $500 on**. Note that the International Small Priority Mail Flat Rate Box and Flat Rate Envelopes are not insurable.

* To schedule a Package Pickup go to

** Depends on destination, and may be restricted based on destination; check IMM at for details.