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eBay Stores: Subscriptions & Fees

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Subscribe nowChoose from three subscription packages with fixed price insertion fees as low as 5¢, FREE pictures, and features designed to boost your success through every stage of business growth. Calculate your best option using the eBay Stores savings illustrator.
  Great Value In Every Package  
Fees Basic Store Premium Store Anchor Store
Monthly subscription $19.95/month $59.95/month $199.95/month
Yearly subscription (1 year term required) $15.95/month $49.95/month $179.95/month
Discounted fixed price insertion fee 20¢ 10¢
Fixed price insertion fee for Books, DVDs & Movies, Music & Video Games
Discounted auction-style insertion fee 25¢ 15¢ 10¢
Lower final value fees
Number of free insertion fee listings* (per month) 150 500 2,500
Included customer support 7 days a week
5 AM – 10 PM PT
Build your Store Basic Store Premium Store Anchor Store
Store home page
A single, branded place on eBay where all your listings live.
Customized web address
Get your very own URL (www.stores.ebay.com/yourstorename) so you can drive buyers directly to your Store.
Featured items
Promote 4 featured items on your Store homepage.
Store categories
Help buyers browse your Store with 300 custom categories.
300 300 300
Add an image that expresses your brand, shows your products, or announces a promotion or Store event.
Subscriber discounts
Take advantage of partner discounts on select services to help you manage and grow your business.
Manage your sales Basic Store Premium Store Anchor Store
Free sales management tools
Use these valuable free tools to help you save time, improve customer satisfaction, and scale your business.
Selling Manager Selling Manager Pro
(reg. $15.99/month)
Selling Manager Pro
(reg. $15.99/month)
Manage your promotions
Attract more buyers by offering discounted pricing on your items.
Manage 250 listings/day Manage 2,500 listings/day Manage 5,000 listings/day
Vacation hold
Put your listings and Store "on hold" while you're away.
Promote your sales Basic Store Premium Store Anchor Store
On eBay
A link to your eBay Store will appear on all of your listings.
Listing frame
Add your Store header, search box, and category navigation to all of your listings in your item description.
HTML builder
Easily create links to your Store from emails, other websites, and listings.
Off eBay email marketing
Keep your customers coming back with customized e-newsletters and promotional emails.
5,000 emails/month 7,500 emails/month 10,000 emails/month
Promotional flyers
Create promotional flyers and include them with your shipments to drive repeat business.
Business collateral templates
Boost your brand and establish a professional image with these downloadable templates.
Search engine keyword management
Optimize your Store for search engines and increase your exposure on the web.
Track your success Basic Store Premium Store Anchor Store
Traffic reports
Review and analyze your Store traffic to improve your merchandising and listing strategy.
Advanced reporting Advanced reporting
Number of daily page views and unique visitors to your Store.
Number of page views and visitors for each page in your Store, including all of your listings.
Data on how visitors are getting to your Store (for example, which search engines and keywords are referring visitors).
Search terms visitors are using within your Store.
Path analysis (for example, the paths visitors take through your Store).
Bid and Buy It Now tracking to help you optimize your Store for bidders and buyers.
How often your visitors are returning.
How visitors are seeing your pages including browser type, window size, and language setting.
  Recommendations & Requirements  
Basic Store Premium Store Anchor Store
Here are some general guidelines. Your results may vary. Use the eBay Stores savings illustrator to determine the right subscription for you based on your selling activity.
  • List at least 50 items a month in either Auction-style or Fixed Price formats
  • List at least 150 items a month in either Auction-style or Fixed Price formats
  • List at least 500 items a month in either Auction-style or Fixed Price formats
  • Want top savings and support for high volume sales
  • Have an eBay sellers account and credit card on file and are PayPal Verified
Use the eBay Stores savings illustrator to help you decide which package is best for you.
*Pay no insertion fees for allotted free listings per calendar month. Optional fees, including advanced listing upgrades and supplemental service fees, and final value fees still apply.

Motor Vehicles, Real Estate, Heavy Equipment, Concession Trailers & Carts, Imaging & Aesthetics Equipment and Commercial Printing Presses are excluded. Terms are subject to change. Learn more.

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